Saturday, September 29, 2012

What about Khadr's Victims?

 Self-confessed and convicted murderer Omar Khadr's triumphant return to Canada as heralded by the CBC and his predicted release on mandatory parole next year just underlines how unjust the Canadian legal system is. The NDP is quacking about compensation for Khadr for being put in jail.  Compensation for being a convicted self-confessed murderer?  I'm more than convinced now that the Canadian Left are evil 'tards bent on destroying society.

What I want to know, is what about Khadr's victims? What about Tabitha Speer, widow of the Medic Khadr murdered with a grenade in his failed suicide attempt?  I have no doubt the NDP and Khadr's legion of admirers and supporters don't give a damn for her or the other members of Speer's family.

CTV is no better, calling Khadr an "Accused" murderer. Is this a mistake?  Or on-purpose?