Monday, December 22, 2008

Your Chance to Tell the Gov't What to do

Finance minister Jim Flaherty is asking Canadians what they'd like to see in the new budget the Conservative government will bring down at the end of January. He's had a web-based survey placed on the Finance Canada website.

The Government actually asking Canadians what they want?

After I got over my shock, and initial impulse to suggest they engage in an anatomical impossibility, I took full advantage of this opportunity to present the "Off the top of his head, Hamm172 economic recovery plan."

  • instead of giving billions to the unrepentant automotive manufacturers and their unions to continue to squander in unprofitable activities I suggested a 100% tax credit for Canadians and businesses who make capital purchases of items partially or wholly manufactured in Canada.
  • That led me to then suggest a complete dropping of the 5 year depreciation rules and allow for businesses to write off capital purchases in the year of the purchase, like many other countries that we compete with do.
  • Divert the Billion dollars a year we annually piss down the CBC's drain to economic stimulus (like futher tax relief) and raise some more dough by selling off the CBC.
  • Cut the GST to 0%.
  • Fire all the civil servants in Indian Affairs (or whatever they call that dept. nowadays) and just divide the tax money squandered on their salaries and benefits (9 billion including money actually supposed to go to the first nations people) amongst the first nations people directly, without the gov't middlemen... Aboriginal Canadians are just like everyone else, they'll spend most of it in the economy just like you would.
Whups, battery on laptop dying. Quick get the the website and put in your two bits too!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dumbass Parents of the Year Award...

...goes to Heath and Deborah Campbell of Hunterdon County, N.J. who are upset the local ShopRite refused to put their son's name on a Birthday cake. They also have two daughters, one whose middle name is "Aryan Nation" and the other who's middle name is "Hitler".

Apparently the ShopRite has also in the past refused to decorate the Campbell's family birthday cakes with swastikas and other similiar stuff.

Surely hanging these monikers on their poor kids is a form of child abuse, don'tcha think?

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

What should the Government do?

OK, today the federal government admitted it’s a recession. So now what?

Over lunch today my friend Richard wanted to talk about what the government should be doing to fight off the worst effects of the newly acknowledged recession in Canada

I jokingly told him that while the “American Way” now seems to be a tendency to sue, the quintessential ‘Canadian Way,’ now seems to be a kneejerk reaction that “the government needs to do something.”

Governments can only act with money extorted from the economies that support them; any and all government actions bear a cost to their supporting economies. This is not only the direct monetary price, but also the wider de-energizing effect on everyone else who must continue to function in the economy that has been stripped of those dollars. Since I became a taxpayer I’ve had a selfish interest in curbing government spending. You and I bear the cost EVERY time an elected lawmaker feels the need to justify his or her existence to the electorate by the questionable accomplishment of passing some new law or regulation. Each time this happens I am quite personally offended and you should be too.

This ‘Canadian way’ has given us bloated government ministries that consume ridiculous portions of the funds they’ve been entrusted to administer. I give you as an example the fact that size and cost of the civilian civil service that supports the Canadian Armed Forces rivals the size and cost of the military itself. Our military infrastructure is nearly half a century obsolete, our Navy is virtually nonexistent, and our Jet fighters thirty years old. Or how about Indian and Northern Affairs (or whatever the hell Politically Correct designation it’s called by this year) which has a budget that is nearly the equal to Canada’s military? My parents have chosen to live in a ‘First Nations’ community and I’ve seen the squalor in which many people there must live. Yet the department’s salaries, pensions, and other benefits are the envy of the private sector. A third example is the relatively new bureaucracy which was created to consum- I mean, administer the GST. Yes, it does in fact consume a ridiculously large portion of the tax that it administers.

One major factor that has saved the North American nations from collapsing under suffocating levels of taxation to support their growing welfare states is the lucky geographical accident that blessed both Canada and the United States with unbelievably abundant natural wealth. Naturally our society’s various Green organizations, (themselves philosophically huge supporters of government intervention and regulation) have been perversely acting against their own self-interest by working to bar access to those natural resources for most of the last 40 years.

I've said all this to point out that I fear the cost of Government action. It's a stretch for me to be willing to consider it, so that's why I feel odd directing attention at something Financial Post editor Diane Francis wrote today.

Diane Francis thinks she knows what the government should be doing, and I'd suggest that her column in today's Financial Post is worth a look.

Today I heard her in a radio interview and to my surprise, this fiscally conservative writer was advocating massive public/private partnerships to re-finance the stalled half-dozen or so refinery projects in the Alberta Industrial Heartland near Edmonton. She also wanted to include all the recently suspended new Oilsands projects in Northern Alberta. The suspension of these projects, which would have created billions of dollars of new wealth for the economy, was forced by the nearly worldwide credit drought kicked off of course, by Frannie Mae & Freddy Mac-enabled Subprime Mortgage debacle. This is the time, she said, for the Prime Minister to act.

I’ve been reading Diane’s columns on and off ever since 1990, when I had to suffer through a two-year involuntary subscription to McLeans magazine, (no- don’t ask). She’s about as good an example of common-sense, fiscal conservative thought that Eastern Canada can provide, and I think her idea is worth consideration. It certainly seems better than NDP leader Jack Layton’s vague plan to engage in a huge nation-wide Rooseveltesque road and bridges make-work program and the no-doubt additional new bureaucracy to support it.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The PM speaks.

Prime Minister Harper addressed the nation this evening, calling the hopeful and oh-so-socialist Lib/NDP/Bloc troika "undemocratic" for their attempt to circumvent the last election and steal power. He also listed out most of the measures the government is taking to stimulate the economy, throwing back into the opposition's faces their claims that the government was 'doing nothing.'

I also find it VERY interesting that despite two days of upward movement on the American Stock exchanges Canada's TSX has continued to drop, more on Tuesday than in any single day since black Monday, in October of 1987.

Did Not Vote for Coalition Government

I never voted for this. Neither did you.

The last federal election campaign was run by all three major federal parties on their individual party platforms, none of which included forming a coalition of the losers to steal power from the winner. As I recall, The Conservatives and Liberals were both hoping to form the government, and the NDP wanted to become the official opposition.

No, we didn’t vote for this. Small wonder that so many Canadians are incensed by this undemocratic attempt to seize power.

Yesterday a radio station poll by talk-radio station 630 CHED showed virtually no support for the Liberal/NDP/Bloc Quebecois troika of usurpers. Small wonder, CHED broadcasts in the Conservative western province of Alberta; but the brand new Nationwide facebook group, “Canadians Against A Coalition Government" has gathered 50,000 members in only a few days.

Nope. No mention of a coalition, nor are such staggering ‘frankensteins’ a part of Canadian Parliamentary tradition. Nor does Canadian Parliamentary tradition include the seizure of power from a minority government without an election. In fact, past governments have been soundly punished by the electorate at the polls for ‘exceeding their mandates’ when they chose to sharply deviate from the campaign platforms which won them their elections.

Today I listened to an NDP MP claim his Liberal/NDP/Bloc troika has the support of over 60% of the voters. Lies! The voters they claim as theirs did not vote for a coalition.

Yes, a majority of voters did not vote for the Conservatives. But by that same logic, AN EVEN LARGER MAJORITY DID NOT VOTE LIBERAL, and a larger yet majority did not vote for the NDP or Bloc Quebecois. By comparison, the largest block of voters voted for the Conservatives to lead the country. If they are defeated in a non-confidence vote in Parliament there should be an election. That’s the Canadian way.

I sincerely hope our Liberal-appointed Governor General, Monique Jean, does the right thing when Prime Minister Stephen Harper asks her to dissolve parliament and announce a new election. Let the last election's loser run on platform of Coalition government. Then we voters can punish the Liberals and NDP for this attempt to bypass the democratic process, as they so obviously deserve.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Post Election thought

The useful idiots are happy today.

Early this morning a young friend of mine was crowing 'yes we can, yes we can, yes we can!' I asked him what, beyond electing Obama, did that mean? The guy could only give me general platitudes about change, but could not tell me what what that would be.

Let the forced-collectivization of America begin.

Thanks to 'Sword at the Ready' for finding the toon. Click it for an explanation of the book Obama is holding.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama's First Four Years

A close friend told me on the weekend that Obama is reminding him more and more of Neville Chamberlain. I've expressed similar thoughts in conversations with others about Obama, and sadly, have had to explain who Neville Chamberlain was. (For those victims of the education system, the guy on the left side of the above photo is Neville Chamberlain.) The legions of hoodwinked voters who will cast for Barrack Obama tomorrow would not do so had not the U.S. education system failed to teach them the lessons of history...
...and those who do not know the errors of history, are doomed to repeat them.

I cannot help but wonder if the socialist educrats who appear to dominate the education system have intended this all along.

I had intended to write a future history about what America might look like after four years of OBAMA Rule -but Ralph Peters at the New York Post has already done so:

Looking back on the four years of his first administration, President Obama can be proud: He made the US welcome among the family of nations again; he reduced our reliance on military force; and he gave us peace by reaching sensible accommodations with our enemies.

The lies told about him in the 2008 election were exposed as sheer bigotry. Far from being "soft on radical Islam," President Obama was the first world leader to welcome Jewish refugees after Iran's nuclear destruction of Israel's major cities (his only caveat - a fair one - was the refusal to accept Zionist military officers and their families, in light of Israel's excessive retaliation).

He also demonstrated his resolve in the face of extremism when he overruled the obstructionist advice of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and ordered our military to cross the border into Pakistan in force. The subsequent debacle, as Pakistan cut off supply routes to Afghanistan and threatened a nuclear response, was entirely the fault of our generals on the ground, not of the administration. Fortunately, President Obama's willingness to talk to our enemies rescued the situation. After laying down their arms, our troops were allowed to evacuate Pakistan and Afghanistan in peace. The Taliban's return to power in Kabul did not...

Please, click the link to read the rest.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What Obama really thinks...

...based on what he's written.

k From Dreams of My Father:'I ceased to advertise my mother's race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites.'

From Dreams of My Father : 'I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother's race.'

From Dreams of My Father:'There was something about him that made me wary, a little too sure of himself, maybe. And white.'

From Dreams of My Father: 'It remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names.'

From Dreams of My Father:'I never emulate white men and brown men whose fates didn't speak to my own. It was into my father's image, the black man, son of Africa , that I'd packed all the attributes I sought in myself, the attributes of Martin and Malcolm, DuBois and Mandela.'

From Audacity of Hope:'I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.'j

Thanks to Roger at Curmudgeonly & Skeptical for pointing out those passages.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Conservatives Win Election - Media spins it as a Loss.

The Canadian election is over, and despite a largely hostile midstream media, the Stephen Harper Conservatives have won the election with a larger minority than they had last time. The Liberals lost over 20 seats and the Socialist New Democrats only gained a couple. We saw through the fuddle duddle of the Liberals"Green Shift" Carbon tax. The voters didn't shift to the Left either, as Jack Layton failed miserably in his hope to make up the new official opposition. Clearly the largest shift among the voters was to the right.

It was a hostile media, and last nights election coverage was no different. As I was traveling after the polls closed, I had to switch between a Chorus talk-Radio station and CBC Radio One. Commentators on both stations immediately seized the opportunity to interpret the results as a Conservative Party loss, because they were about 12 seats short of a majority Parliament.

I don't give a crap if the commentators on Chorus or any privately owned radio station were blatant in their biases, but still angers me that my taxes support the largely Left-of-Lenin CBC. Through out the campaign CBC radio's news reports characterized Prime Minister Harper as 'tired' or harried, while lavishly devoting airtime and (implied) praise for Jack Layton's New Democrats, and to a lesser extent, the Liberals and the Green Party.

I'm just glad it's over. Certainly Stephan Dion must be too. The video below has nothing to do with the election. Maybe next time, instead of an election we could just sign up the party leaders as contestants on this game show from Japan. I'd pay to see that...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fearing Obama

U.S. Presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama's father is a muslim, so was his stepfather. Barack claims to be a Christian, but in Islam, the religion of the father determines the religion of the son.
The penalty for converting away from Islam is death.

So why do Muslims in America and around the world love Barack Obama? I think he's a cuckold, and if he has any religion at all, a Muslim.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Youtube/Google Censorship?

On the weekend I posted a youtube video that proved in detail how the Democrats were directly responsible for blocking an attempt by the Bush administration and another separate attempt by Senator John McCain to rein in the Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac insanity, back in the early part of this century. Complete with news paper clippings showing how Obama and his current advisors benefited personally in amounts of tens of millions of dollars from Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac, the video showed the Democrats implemented legislation in the 90's FORCING BANKS TO GIVE SUBPRIME LOANS to unsuitable customers on pain of Federal Penalties.

The video has been pulled. Reportedly, it's been deleted by youtube twice now. You fuckers.



Added note: Here's a replacement link. A 'Thank you very much' goes to Roger at

Monday, September 29, 2008

Note to Olympic committee: Go Fuck Yourself

Ya, I couldn't believe it either.

The Olympic committee for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics has trademarked part of the Canadian National Anthem, because according to chairman John Furlong, the phrase, "...with glowing hearts..." "...embodies the emotions every athlete will feel — no matter where they are from or what flag they stand under — when they have the honour to represent their own country on the world's grandest international stage in 2010,"

My National Anthem? Doesn't that belong to the whole country? What's next, trademarking snow???

Yo John. Fuck right off.

The National Anthem is over 100 years old and in public domain. This socialist dirtbag had the nerve to suggest it was ok, the VNOC had no intention of charging hockey fans with copywrite infringement for singing the National Anthem. Meanwhile they have already sued many Vancouver area businesses for using the word OLYMPIC.

Hmmm. The Olympic games are over 100 years old too. The concept of an Olympic Games is thousands of years old. Does that put them in the public domain too??

Hey y'all. I'm thinking of changing my blog's name to 'The With Glowing Hearts OLYMPIC blog.' Whatcha think?

Naw. Too gay.

Friday, September 26, 2008

China's Space/Time Warp News Agency


Aw man, this is rich.

Earlier this week, Communist China's official government news agency, Xinhua, published news reports about a manned orbital launch and spacewalk, including orbit-to-ground conversations, before the rocket took off.


Xinhua's breathless account of the launch included fictional ground-to-orbit dialogue like:

“First-level measurement arrangement!

“After this order, signal lights were all switched on. Various data show up on rows of screens, hundreds of technicians staring at the screens, without missing any slightest changes . . .

“One minute to go! . . .

“The firm voice of the controller broke the silence of the whole ship. Now, the target is captured 12 seconds ahead of the predicted time . . .

Of course this is all in keeping with China's preoccupation with putting on a good false front for the world to see. Most recently, we remember some of the fast ones they tried to pull in the Olympics.

Somebody in Xinhua is going to be sent to the slave labor factory for this boner.

Btw, the actual mission was apparently a success, with the astronauts returning safely, earlier today.

What Caused the Economic Crisis

In my professional role as a personal financial advisor I have been asked many times about the subprime mortgage debacle and the current financial crisis. I really can only pass on to them what I've read about it in the news and on the net; investment banking is not my area of expertise. But I have noticed some things...

If you're not an internet news junkie (guilty) and rely only on midstream media like the network news and major newspapers, it's damn hard to get a straight story. Today's news is full of midstream media obfuscation apparently aimed at hiding the Dem's preeminent role in creating the conditions that made the crisis possible, and the sabotage of two major legislative attempts in the last eight years to reign in the insane lending practices that fed the crisis.

Some things are clear.

  • Ordinary citizens are forced to produce reports like that one, because the midstream media has no interest in telling the truth if it damages their biases;
  • The taxpayers will be on the hook for billions, whether the administration's bailout package goes ahead or not;
  • There are many many Bank executives leaving the scene of the crime with millions and millions of dollars;
  • Except for conservative talk radio, Nobody is suggesting these Bastards go to jail;
  • More than a few of those guys are now close advisors to Barrack Obama, some of whom have received TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae;
  • The media cares more that John Mcain's campaign manager's company received 15 thousand dollars a month in fees from Freddie Mac, than that Obama's Financial advisors received TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.
 HERE'S AN ALTERNATIVE LINK  at another less politically sensitive provider.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lying Pinko fails to frame police officer

Score one for the good guys. The Denver DA has decided not to charge a Denver police officer after code pink activist Alicia Forrest complained about police brutality outside the DNC convention last August. I'd seen the internet video and read the arguments. It looked bad, but other journalists present at the event say the videographer and Rocky Mountain News (the publisher of the video) cut the imagery in a deliberate manner to make the police look bad. (click here to read the background which the media left out)

Did you read that last link? Did You? Read it dammit.

Having worked as a reporter, and trained as a cameraman, it's clear to me the videographer was standing next to that Forrest woman while she attempted to taunt and provoke the police. He only turned when the officer raised his voice and shoved her back. I won't suggest it was deliberate, but they deliberately cut from the published video the scenes where Forrest got up, said she was ok, and then went back to taunting the police.

It was an emotionally charged event, this cow was taunting the officers, used the F-word, and she grabbed the Police Officer's baton. Uh-Uhh, you never, ever, grab a Police officer's baton; that's like grabbing at his gun.

She should have been charged with more than just interfering in a lawful arrest. Think about the wasted time, taxpayer's dollars, and emotional distress this code pinko cow cost the state and the police officer involved. I've seen many outraged responses on the net in regards to this news item, but all pretty well assumed that this Forrest woman had a perfect right to grab the Officer's Baton and repeatedly ignore lawful requests to move back.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Large Hadron Collider - webcam

(Photo of the LHC during construction.)

Too much bs has been written by the world's luddites and chicken littles about CERN labs large hadron collider. It makes for a cool photo and smashing "the world's going to end" headlines but really, it's just another big cyclotron where they're smashing protons. Scientists are hoping for insight into our universe's conditions just after the Big Bang, but there's no shortage of alarmists out there trying to claim it'll create a black hole, and suck up the world.

Well the thing's been powered up and they've been running tests since the 10th of September. We're still here. A word of thanks to Dr. Jerry Pournelle for the link to the webcam at the LHC, you can even watch the ongoing tests for yourself.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This decade has fewest 90 deg days

The Chicago Tribune reports that locally, the first decade of the 21st century has had fewer 90 degree days than any decade since the 1930s. Some one whack David Suzuki and Al Gore upside the head for us, plz?

Here's the Tom Skilling Quote: August is the wettest and often the muggiest month of the year. Yet, summer heat continues in short supply, continuing a trend that has dominated much of the 21st Century's opening decade. There have been only 162 days 90 degrees or warmer at Midway Airport over the period from 2000 to 2008. That's by far the fewest 90-degree temperatures in the opening nine years of any decade on record here since 1930. This summer's highest reading to date has been just 91 degrees. That's unusual. Since 1928, only one year—2000—has failed to record a higher warm-season temperature by Aug. 13.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Thanks to the MadOgre for posting a link to Matt Harding's video. He said watching it made him feel better, (grin). Near as I can tell, it's a guy who likes to travel, who just started filming himself dancing in different places. Ogre was right, I felt better afterwards.

...And then I found this on Harding's site:

Magnetic Movie from Semiconductor on Vimeo.

ok. That was neat.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Minnesotans for Global Warming

I've never gotten around to acting on my impulse to create a line of bumper stickers supporting Global Warming. So Kudos to these guys for actually acting on a good idea and creating something like this.
Even though Elmer and Daryl initially come across as we say in Canada, like a couple of hosers, a review of their protest site, shows they're articulate and willing to research their views. I understand and endorse what they're trying to say here whole heartedly. I've also copied the soundtrack and added it to my mp3 collection ;)

Thanks to the Terpsboy, Rodger Schlong at

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Stephane Dion & the Liberal's Green Shaft

As far as Western Canada is concerned, Stephan Dion has failed the Litmus test as only a true eastern liberal could: he's proposed a massive Carbon Tax grab that will screw Albertans, but only lightly touch his core voters in Ontario and Quebec. He says his tax will be 'revenue neutral.' Sound familiar? It sure does to some of the few Alberta Liberals (yes, there are some) I know. They're still defending Dion, but oh man, they're not happy about it.

Dion is in Edmonton shilling for his “Green Shift” carbon tax plan, and met yesterday with our Mayor before moving on to a love-in with the midstream media and party faithful. I'll admit, Mayor Stephen Mandel, about as tax-and-spend as any mayor we've had in the last 20 years, went up a few notches in my estimation when he commented to the media, “A tax is a tax is a tax.”

Today's Edmonton Sun described Dion's 'Green Shift' as a tax “ that would Punish Polluters and Reward green businesses and consumers. Don't we already have laws to punish polluters? If an evil company is polluting, they're supposed to be shut down or forced to mend their ways- not pay an extra tax and continue polluting. Surely that is not what Stephan Dion intends.

It appears instead, that Dion and his liberals mean to punish legitimate businesses that are operating in a lawful manner with a new tax that will only be passed on to their customers and their employees. Higher Corporate Taxes are ALWAYS passed on to the customer through higher prices, and as we learned during Pierre Trudeau's NEP-induced recession in Alberta, through shut downs and canceled projects that can only hurt the employees of our resource sector...

The liberals, with their lefty “tax-the-corporations” obsession seem eternally unable to understand that no legitimate business pays taxes. Hopefully you already know this. All corporations pass the cost of their taxes on in the price they charge their customers- ultimately you and me. As consumers we pay all the levied corporate taxes in Canada, and our personal income taxes, and sales taxes too.

For a moment I could not help but wonder if Dion is truly so simple-minded as to believe a new 15 BILLION dollar carbon tax can be revenue neutral. Remember, that estimate is by the same folks who initially told us their gun registry would only cost a few tens of millions of dollars. Surely Dion and his fellow elitists know this, I think they just don't give a shit about the actual impact on the people, and are more concerned about making it sound good in the best Ontario-soccer-mom-pleasing way possible: Punish the evil corporations that burn coal and oil and cause global warming.

That's right, boil away the fluff in his 'green shift' plan and you see he means the evil corporations that burn coal and oil and gas to provide Albertas with electricity and heat, and the base chemical feed stocks for our manufacturing sector.

How would that be revenue neutral?

He intends to provide for tax credits and deductions for companies and individuals who mend their ways and reduce their so-called carbon footprint.

Hmmm. That sounds fine for consumers in Ontario and Quebec, with their massive hydro-electric dams and nuclear power plants,b ut Alberta has only coal-fired electrical power plants. Coal-fired electrical power plants that are running at near full capacity. Obviously unlike the good voters in the East, the evil customers of the evil Albertan corporations won't benefit from Dion's tax credits.

What is the likelihood for hydro dams and nuclear power in Alberta, anyway? Not good. The soccer-moms and other cute-&-fuzzy-bunny types are currently doing their best to kill a planned nuclear power plant destined for the sparsely populated Peace country. Also, back in the late 1980s when future premier Ralph Klein mused about a possible hydro dam for the foothills west of Edmonton, the fuzzy-bunny-lefties shit themselves sideways in their rush to denounce the negative environmental impact a hydro damn would have on the bugs and ferns and stuff upstream of the dam.

Regardless, Edmonton mayor Mandel said it nicely. A tax is a attacks is a tax. Dion's green shaft is, as we feared years ago, a way to use the manufactured specter of GLOBAL WARMING as an excuse for N.E.P. 2.

What happened to Equality?

I've said before, and I'll say it again. The entire notion of special rights and privileges for a select few is wrong-headed and goes against the principles on which our western democracies are based. Years of empirical evidence prove when a society condones discrimination, that resentments, unrest, evil, and injustices abound.

Every school child should be taught what's on the following video, but of course, they are not. I certainly wasn't. I'm not aware of any curriculum that does today. As a Parent who home-schooled teens for five of the last seven years I looked, too.

Thanks to the MadOgre at for pointing this gem out for me. George pointed out:

"This is one of the reasons I want to do away with Racial Classes. No more Hyphenated Americans. No Blacks, Asians, Latinos, Native Americans... and of course no more categories based on sexual preferences. No more racial check boxes on any official forms. We are all Americans. There is only one question. Are you a Citizen, yes or no? If you are a citizen, you can vote, you have rights. If you are not a Citizen or are either a Guest or you are illegal... " (7.7.2008)

I have to say that I really like the way the MadOgre thinks.

BTW, I am not Caucasian.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

reelect carter?

Heh, found this one today. A while ago now, the worst American President (yes, even worse than Slick Willie) endorsed Barrack Hussein Obama. Here, the has pointed out some similarities between the two, and the similar challenges in foreign and domestic politics of Carter's era and today...

He'll be facing an economic and political landscape that would tax the wisdom of Solomon, yet the man is still largely a cipher. Unlike Obama, Jimmy Carter had been willing to put his life on the line by serving in his country's military. If elected, Obama only has a couple hundred days of congressional service, where his record is now best known for fence sitting by voting "Present" instead of Yea or Nay on many issues. The "Yes We Can" man seems awfully weak to me.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Braggart and Thief

One overhears things. I heard this yesterday afternoon on Edmonton's LRT.

This dumb shit was bragging to his friends how he'd stolen a certain thing from a white kid, and was going to sell it to another guy for $50 bucks.

His friends asked, ''Aren't you ashamed?" "Don't you feel guilty?"

"Fuck no, I took it from a white kid. A white kid. I'm gangsta."

Someone said something about jail. His reply was laughed, " I'll phone you from there."

What a moron. Wish I knew what he'd taken. I'd give his fucking photo to the cops.

Eskimo Football

That title ought to confuse the hell out any Non-Canadian browsing through here. I volunteered for a Charity fundraiser at a CFL Football game in Edmonton today. We were selling beer (with part of the proceeds going to charity) and this Saskatchewan Rough Rider fan walked up in the damnedest outfit. I wish I'd gotten a better photo. He had a sort of Mexican-wrestler/combo gimp mask, big Cow Horns, a green suit and a cape. I tell you the Saskatchewan fans are always entertaining when they come here for a game. They're great sports, even though their team lost to Edmonton, 37-7.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

This made me chuckle.

The humor is in it's truth. I am really enjoying the airing of American Left's schizoid mentality during this election year.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Something's Wrong Here

I don't know how to state it more clearly. If you're going to emigrate to the Western nations leave your historic ethnic animosities in the old country. Otherwise be prepared for an anti-immigrant backlash.

Somebody organized about 20 dickheads to go into the Ankara cafe here in Edmonton yesterday and break up the joint, beating patrons with clubs, knives and stones.

According to the news story angry Kurdish Turks in the area were quick to blame the violence on ethnic tensions with their fellow Turkish immigrants who oppose Kurdish independence from Turkey. But the Cafe's owner says the fight began earlier in the day, when two of the cafe's patrons got into a heated argument. One of the arguers went and called a bunch of friends to help him win the argument.

Regardless, It's the kind of shit you hear about that happens elsewhere, like France.

I've said before I don't have a problem with immigration. Our nation was built by immigrants. But for most of our history immigration meant that the people who came here adopted the ways and mores of their new culture. They tried to fit in. Those with the inclination were free to honor their cultural traditions at home, but they sure as hell didn't try to force the rest of the country to change to accommodate them.

I really don't give a damn about multiculturalism or showing tolerance for other people's way of life it it means changing my culture's way of life. It may be considered normal in Turkey to punctuate an argument in a cafe with 20 armed men, but I hope and pray it will never be considered appropriate here. The Middle East is a hell-hole of ethnic and religious violence and turmoil. If we're going to continue to allow people who want to flee it to come live here, we'd better start doing to better job of telling them to check their baggage at the border.

Carbon Tax?

The Left wing Pembina institute released results of a poll today, claiming Canadians are warming to the idea of a Carbon Tax. When asked if it was a good thing that B.C. citizens are now paying a Carbon tax on fossil fuels, nearly 60% of other Canadians said, 'Yes'.

When told that the government of British Columbia had recently introduced "a carbon tax on fossil fuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions," 72 per cent of those surveyed in the poll said that this was a positive step versus 23 per cent who thought that it was a negative step.

But it's all in the question. It's all good to ask if you approve of OTHER people paying taxes, but the McAllister Opinion Research Survey failed to ask Canadians if they'd be willing to pay a Carbon Tax themselves. I know what my response would be.

No f*cking way.

Both evidence and scientific opinion against human-caused global warming is growing, as nearly two decades of research have failed to prove it's our fault. In fact, it's finally beginning to be admitted that records purported to show a warming trend were either falsified or interpreted incorrectly. Some of the chicken littles are now voicing concerns about global cooling.

Yet the organs of big government are still acting as though human-caused climate change is going to kill us all, if we don't give up our way of life. This is looking more and more as if like-minded big-government supporters are just trying to use this as an excuse to raise taxes. Canada needs to follow the Swiss example; no tax increases without direct approval from the voters.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Ted Kennedy's Brain Tumor

Growing up in the 60's and 70's even the Canadian school system couldn't say enough complimentary things about the glorious Kennedy brothers. I grew up believing Americans were fools for not electing more Kennedys to the White House.

Later, as Catholic, I realized what a hypocrite the surviving Kennedy brother was. In a speech in 1983 he said "I am an American and a Catholic; I love my country and treasure my faith."

Yet he publicly opposed the Catholic Church; supported abortion on demand, the homosexual agenda, and the "secular humanism as a state-faith" movement of the American Left. Perhaps he treasured his faith, but from his actions it appears he treasured it as a tool to sell his political agenda. Perhaps he treasured his faith, but as a Catholic and Knight of Columbus he failed miserably. Worse, his very public example has led other Catholics astray too.

I heard today about Ted Kennedy's Brain Tumor. I'm not proud of my first thoughts in response to the news. As Christians we're supposed to love our enemies, and try to see everyone as Jesus would see them. Okay Ted, I'll pray for you.

I'm not proud of my first response, but I feel the need to voice it.

"Good bye asshole."

Monday, May 12, 2008

Chain Email: Fear of MUSLIMS

No matter how cute, religious, serious or threatening they are, I never forward chain letters. I rarely read them, and despite what I'm writing here today, will continue to not do so. I am especially offended by the assumption that I am either credulous or superstitious enough to believe their threats of dire consequences for not forwarding them. Are you one of those people who originate these things? Fuck you then.

This post was prompted today by a chain email I received from a co-worker, called "IKE KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING. This email is worth reading despite the fact that the original author of the email incorrectly assumed the entire UK school system had dropped the Jewish holocaust and Crusades from it's curriculum. Sadly, such pressures are mounting in the Western world, out of a misguided desire not to offend Muslim students. News stories from last year tell of a Government-backed report indicating that some schools in the United Kingdom have in fact done so. I have no doubt that there are many cute and fuzzy-bunny minded teachers here too who have personally chosen not to teach these potentially controversial subjects.

This is frightening on several levels.

Most notably, Muslim children who are taught a distorted or outright false view of history at home or in the mosque are not taught the truth at school. Ours is a society of immigrants, which successfully assimilated or acculturated all creeds who came here. Now in the interests of multicultural sensitivity, newcomers to our society are allowed to bring all their old hatreds from the old world to the new world, UNCHALLENGED. As Barry Rubin points out in the New York Post, these soft-headed non-thinkers are condemning Muslim children to continued slavery to the radical Islamists who dominate their culture.

As for the email "Ike Knew what he was Doing," the text is reprinted below. I've only posted two photos, trust me, they're pretty gruesome.

It is a matter of history that when Supreme
Commander of the Allied Forces, General Dwight
Eisenhower, found the victims of the death camps,
he ordered all possible photographs to be taken,
and for the German people from surrounding
villages to be ushered through the camps and even
made to bury the dead.

He did this because he said in words to this
effect: 'Get it all on record now - get the films
- get the witnesses - because somewhere down the
track of history some bastard will get up and say
that this never happened.'

'All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is
for good men to do nothing'
Edmund Burke

This week, the UK removed The Holocaust from its
school curriculum because it 'offended' the Muslim
population which claims it never occurred.

This is a frightening portent of the fear that is
gripping the world and how easily each country is
giving in to it.

These photos were taken in Germany by J. Chanslor,
an Army Master Sergeant who served in
World War II from 1942 until 1945.

Source: Photos courtesy of John Michael Chanslor.
It is now more than 60 years after the Second
World War in Europe ended.

This e-mail is being sent as a memorial chain, in
memory of the six million Jews, 20 million Russians,
10 million Christians and 1,900 Catholic priests who
murdered, massacred, raped, burned, starved and
humiliated with the German and Russian peoples
looking the other way!
Now, more than ever, with Iran, among others,
claiming the Holocaust to be 'a myth,' it is
imperative to make sure the world never forgets.

This e-mail is intended to reach 40 million people

Be a link in the memorial chain and help
distribute this around the world.

Don't just delete this. It will only take a minute
to pass this along. Let's cover the world and
remember because we
cannot let it ever happen again.

Bad to the Bone

The Mrs. went back to work today, to a new job of being in charge of all the flowers in town. Her first day of work she had to wash some road graffiti off the street. The words "bad to the bone," and a giant penis.
What kind of twinkled-up mentality thinks that'd be a nice addition to their street?
"Heh heh, I drew a penis on the road... heh heh..."
I'm sure that's not the sort of roadside beautification she thought she'd be working with. Reminds me of why I went to school.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

More Liberal Hypocrisy

After mishandling and misappropriating Billions of dollars during the last decade, the Liberal Party's feigned outrage over a million dollars in alleged tory over-spending during the last election sounds pathetic, sad, and self-serving.

Thank God.

That's the best the they could do after two years of a Conservative minority government. Oh, they're trying their best, arranging for the media to video armored police teams bursting into the Conservative Party offices like Robert Mugabe's storm troopers in Zimbabwe. CBC Radio-One treated Canadians to a political panel of leftist university professors who happily chortled about how even though there was little of substance to the allegations, the widely televised imagery of the raid would stick in voters minds, and the Conservative government must fall.

So what happened? Apparently some Conservative Party candidates hadn't spent their entire budgets during the election, and they used their unused funds to buy National advertisements. Although the election act sets a limit on Party spending, Clause 422(2) says money allocated to individual candidates doesn't count towards that limit. Regardless of what the act says, The Liberals say it should count.

Well, when it comes to mismanagement of taxpayer dollars they're the experts.

What's funny is that Liberal Member of Parliament Marlene Jennings and nearly 100 other Liberals and NDP candidates had election expenses that fall in the same grey area. In Jennings case, she says her expenses shouldn't count because even though they were for advertising materials for the election, they were incurred before the election was officially called.

Hahahahahaha. Talk about things that make you go hmmmmm.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth day again, blech.

That's right. Humbug. Please don't misunderstand me, I believe polluting the enviroment is bad, but that is not what earth day is about anymore.

This preoccupation with 'saving the earth' is just so much bs. Our 'leaders' see it as an apple pie issue with which to distract the masses; the Suzuki's of our society see it as a gateway to vast amounts of government grant money to 'study' the issue; and much of the enviromental movement seems to be a front for both those who think humanity is a destructive virus on the planet earth, and those who think it's a perfect way to force the the re-distribution of wealth and the dismantling of our economy.

This is a picture of my pickup truck, two days ago. It's got a V8. Yesterday I saw my first Robin of the spring, and it's still snowing. Ain't global warming a bitch? Too bad though, as there are records from history to prove that prior to the little ice age of the 1500s there was a warming period where world temperatures rose way above their current levels. Far from a period of doom and drought, it was a time of enhanced rainfall and long lush crop growing seasons. (I've posted links before, and I only have a few minutes to write this) So, this earth day I'm praying for global warming.

That's all, gotta run. I'm going outside to drive around in my truck and do my part for climate change.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Geek Chart

Who thinks up this stuff? I laughed my ass off.
Thanx to Drogar Truthhammer (Patrick) at Absolute Power for passing this one on to me.

There were Eighteen Synagogues in Tehran Once...

Oh my. I had thought there was only one, but there were until recently eighteen synagogues in Tehran and thirty-five in Iran in total.

Until recently. This week there's only eleven.

In a story that has not been picked up by midstream media, AKI News service says 7 ancient synagogues were recently burnt to the ground in what officials describe as an "attempt to renew" an ancient quarter of the city. According to the news story

"The synagogues were in the Oudlajan suburb of Tehran, where many Iranian Jews used to live... A group of residents of Oudjalan have also sent a letter to the mayor of Tehran asking him to suspend the renovation work being carried out in the suburb."

As I said today in an earlier comment on this blog, I am astounded that Tehran had more than one Jewish Synagogue. This bit of news along with the AKI story also have made me wonder at a few things:
  • At my readiness to believe there was only 1 Synagogue in Iran. This blog is primarily my thoughts and attitudes towards what I see in the world around me. I think I'll be checking my assumptions more carefully in the future.
  • Much of the conservative blogosphere have already picked up this story and run with it. Dhimmi Watch, Gateway Pundit, small dead animals, to name a few. Why have the news services of the midstream media not carried this story? Are western news services so thin on the ground in Tehran that they couldn't confirm the story? A quick check of google shows the BBC ran a brief story today at 9:28 am this morning that life in Iran for Jews isn't so bad. I've gone 6 pages into the google search but...
  • Will Tehran allow it's Jewish inhabitants to rebuild? I'm still doubtful. After two hours of internet searches I'm still faced with a lack of further information. But...
I get 216 news links from google searching for "christian persecution muslim". Most are stories either about Muslim Persecution of Christians or calls by religous and civil leaders for an end to persecution. I saw a couple of stories about Hindu destruction of Mosques and Christian churches. But most are about Muslim persecution of Christians or Jews in Dar Islam. Like this one: "Although Christian persecution of Muslims belongs to history, "Muslim persecution of Christians and other religious minorities remains a present evil..."

Friday, April 04, 2008

That's Socialism!

lol. I wish I wish those liberal MFCSers like Larry Pogemiller actually understood what's wrong with this attitude.

Nice find. thx Roger.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Live Leak succumbs to threats, then Rallies for Free Speech

Succumbs to threats? Yes, internet video site Live Leak's employees and their families lives and well being were threatened last week, and in response Live leak pulled the Geert Wilders short film 'Fitna. In 17 minutes or so, Fitna attempts to wake the viewer up to the threat that radical Islam poses to the Western Societies by chronicling many many of the acts of barbarism, violence and intimidation by those who claim to act in Islams name.
Acts of terrorism, murder, and incitement to hatred are interspersed with quotes from the Koran that appear to support them.

Small wonder that Live Leak was threatened.

Little Green Footballs posted what looks like part of of a press release from Live leak:

On the 28th of March was left with no other choice but to remove the film “fitna” from our servers following serious threats to our staff and their families. Since that time we have worked constantly on upgrading all security measures thus offering better protection for our staff and families. With these measures in place we have decided to once more make this video live on our site. We will not be pressured into censoring material which is legal and within our rules. We apologise for the removal and the delay in getting it back, but when you run a website you don’t consider that some people would be insecure enough to threaten our lives simply because they do not like the content of a video we neither produced nor endorsed but merely hosted.

After reading the post on Little Green Footballs I tried to find Fitna on the Live Leak site, but found only a place-holder claiming that Geert Wilder himself has pulled the video and will be reposting it following some editing. If you want to see the video, goto the Little Green Footballs link, or click on the picture.

Is it hate speech? I don't believe so. There's no narration. Just video and audio of horrible things that have been said and have actually happened. If it's hate speech, it's only because of the hateful things the people in the video are saying in support of Islam. CAIR must be shitting their pants trying to snuff this one.

I don't say this lightly. I am constitutionally inclined to support freedom of religion. My family and culture benefited from it when the English conquered Quebec and chose not to assimilate the French Catholics out of existence. I am a member of the Knights of Columbus, who proudly promoted freedom of religion in the United States during the dark years of the anti-Catholic Know-Nothings and Nativist's movements of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. But...

But I have a problem extending the gift of the freedom of religion to any cult that would deny freedom of religion to others. That principle is also why I don't believe in allowing Communists to participate in democracy, and why I oppose Socialist Monopolies like the Canadian Wheat Board. One time I was in a heated discussion with a Muslim member of a gaming club I belong to, and he kept falling back on outrage and anger. He left when I cribbed a quote from blogger Jack Rich, saying that I'll be more accepting of Islam when it's as easy and safe to open a New Synagogue in Mecca or Tehran as it is to open a new Mosque in Rome or New York.

Every one should see this video. Especially all those lame so-called moderate Muslim apologists the western media keeps digging up to tell us Islam is a religion of peace.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I get a drunk driver arrested


I got a drunk driver arrested yesterday in Edmonton. I saw this guy stopped at a red light get out to put on a coat, -he could barely stand upright. Ok, I thought, maybe he's merely disabled, but then when the light turned green and he pulled away he bounced off the curb on the other side of the street.

I called 911 and directed the Police to his location, describing the vehicle and driver. Within a few minutes two patrol cars intercepted him; and I continued on my errand.

When I returned 30 minutes or so later he was in the back seat of one of the police cars, and his truck was being towed. The arresting officer said they had him on a lot more than just the drunk driving, and that he'd definitely be going to jail.


When I saw him weaving and bouncing his truck off the curb I knew he could kill somebody. Besides the satisfaction of maybe saving a life, my auto insurance is too pricey already, in part because of having to cover for the mistakes of drunks like this asshole.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Barrack Hussein Obama: scary.

In his book Tunnel in the Sky, Robert Heinlein once wrote something to the effect that anyone who lives their life as if the world was the way they wished it, instead of in accordance to the way it actually was, shouldn't be allowed to graduate into adulthood, or be trusted to look after themselves, or vote or some such thing.

I'm reminded of this almost every time I hear this guy speak. This guy is living in a dream world. Here's what's wrong in 52 seconds:

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Reporter Rebecca Aguilar Fired for Ambush Reporting Incident

I had misgivings about working as a reporter when I entered the field in 1984. Mostly it was because I didn't want myself to be associated with reporters of a type like Rebecca Aguilar. A recent recipient of the Broadcast Journalist of the Year award from the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, Aguilar was fired by her Dallas-FortWorth Fox affiliate last week, apparently for conducting an "ambush interview" of a 78 year old burglary victim trying to climb into his car outside of a Dallas Gun shop.

If you did not watch the video, 78 year old James Walton allegedly shot and killed, on two occasions, thieves who'd climbed this 8 foot security fence and broke into his salvage business. Police had confiscated Walton's shotgun, and Walton had earlier in the day told Aguilar that he was going out to buy another one.

I've always been disappointed in the way competition among broadcast journalists can lead a reporter to treat victims of crime or disaster in this way. In a small way, Aguilar has my sympathy. But only a small amount.

From the TV interview, it's clear he didn't expect to see her there, and she badgered him with the tasteless questions we've come to expect from sewage journalism. You know the sort of questions I mean, like "How did it feel to see your house burn down?" or "How did you feel when you heard your husband's plane went down?"

The guy was clearly upset at her and the camera crew and she had the nerve to ask, "Are those tears of remorse?" Holy Shit lady, the guy was buying a new gun for pete's sake. Her liberal gun-guilt was sickeningly obvious as she tried to turn the blame back onto the Burglary victim for having the audacity to defend himself. I rather like James Walton for how he answered her, "It's a shotgun, and I'd hate to have to use it already..." or " you think I invited them into my building?"

Good for you James Walton, I hope the bastards never try to rob you again.

You didn't have to do your story that way, so Good for you too, Rebecca Aguilar. I read your complaints about how you're now professionally marked for life in the Google age. Now you can experience something too few liberals ever get to experience: accountability for one's actions.

Good luck on your new career, whatever it is.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Prince Harry

(Nice picture eh? He looks like my Brother in Law.)

News that Matt Drudge has forced England's Prince Harry to abandon his 14 week tour of duty in Afghanistan four weeks short is interesting and disappointing at the same time.

Interesting in that the Prince got his wish (in part at least) to serve in his regiment as more than a REMF. One acquaintance of mine, a retired U.S. Marine, said it bluntly, "...he's living like just any ordinary grunt. He's been in some fights, he's engaged the enemy, he's seen the elephant.. .And that means that people in the UK are going to hate him for having a pair of balls the size of coconuts and showing the London Liberals what a Real Man looks like. It's been a long time since their was a real man in the Royal Family. Bravo, Harry."

The Prince has long chafed against the fame and attention that's part of being a Royal; He's expressed before a wish to be ordinary. These past 10 weeks of living like a grunt with his messmates in Afghanistan's Helmand province must have been gratifying. Nice going Matt, you disappointed a Prince.

Interesting, in that in exchange for unprecedented access to the Prince, the MoD managed to broker a deal to get the British press to cooperate this long in keeping the news of his deployment confidential.

When the news leaked, the MoD was quick to order an end to Harry's deployment out of security concerns. Most of the 88 British troops killed in Afghanistan since 2001 have died in Helmand, where British forces began fighting with the NATO-led coalition two years ago. Security for the prince will be higher when he returns home too, as now the Islamist death threats against him will be portraying him as a killer of Muslims.

Good for you Harry, I'm glad you had your chance to give em hell.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Maxim Blows it - forced to apologize to Black Crowes


Maxim magazine has had to apologize to the Black Crowes for writing a review of a New CD without listening to the cd. The Crowes first new studio Album in eight years, Warpaint, will be released Tuesday; Maxim had been provided only with samples for preview purposes. The March issue of Maxim panned Warpaint, giving it 2 and half stars out of five, saying the Black Crowes "sound pretty much like they always have: Pretty Boozy, competent, and in Slavish debt to the Stones, Allmans, and the Faces."

While I agree about the intellectual dishonesty on Maxim's part, is the review so bad? I've always thought the best thing about the Black Crowes was their consistent ability to infuse their bluesy Rock sound with a level of Soul that the Stones, Allmans and Faces could handily achieve, but did so all too rarely.

Pretty Boozy, Competent, and in slavish debt to the Stones, Allmans, and the Faces.

F*ckin Eh. Looks like I'm buying Warpaint on Tuesday.


ps: review of Warpaint from Rolling Stone.
Rolling Stone's review