Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Youtube/Google Censorship?

On the weekend I posted a youtube video that proved in detail how the Democrats were directly responsible for blocking an attempt by the Bush administration and another separate attempt by Senator John McCain to rein in the Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac insanity, back in the early part of this century. Complete with news paper clippings showing how Obama and his current advisors benefited personally in amounts of tens of millions of dollars from Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac, the video showed the Democrats implemented legislation in the 90's FORCING BANKS TO GIVE SUBPRIME LOANS to unsuitable customers on pain of Federal Penalties.

The video has been pulled. Reportedly, it's been deleted by youtube twice now. You fuckers.



Added note: Here's a replacement link. A 'Thank you very much' goes to Roger at http://curmudgeonlyskeptical.blogspot.com/.

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