Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Woman leaps from trunk of moving car

It’s nearly midnight, I’m in a Tim Horton’s doughnut shop typing this on my laptop, and I’m hoping some cops pull in so I can ask their unofficial and personal opinions about this story.

Earlier today, (Monday January 3oth) local AM radio carried a news story of how a passing motorist on her way home saw a desperate woman leap from of the trunk of a moving car, on a two-lane highway near Bon Accord, Alberta, 24 miles north of Edmonton. Can you guess what happened next?

Did the passing motorist stop, and rescue her? Did she call 911 on her cell phone? Did she shadow the driver of the other car, and lead police to the kidnapper? Was she able to give police a detailed description of the other woman’s captor, or his car?


Fearing for her personal safety, she abandoned the other woman right there on the road and drove home… before calling police. She told them the male driver of the other car stopped, got out, and presumably recaptured his victim. According to the radio news report, Police are concerned for the victim’s safety.

No shit.

Note that I’ve said ‘apparent’ kidnapping, and ‘apparent’ kidnapper. Remembering some of the stupid stunts my friends and I pulled in our youth, it’s entirely possible nothing criminal happened, (eh Denis? Vince?). I've just searched the net for this news story and nothing is coming up. (Update: the Edmonton Sun has a short article this morning, saying police are asking for witnesses)
Therefore, assuming it actually happened, I’m not certain what angers me more about this story;

  • -That a kidnapping occurred; (of course)
  • -that the apparent kidnapping took place on a highway that passes right by my house;
  • -that the witness, driving a 2,000+ lb steel and plastic weapon, so feared for her own safety she could only flee the scene; (I hope I never need HER help;)
  • -that the kidnap victim was left there on the road to fend for herself (that really pissed me off;)
  • -that our citizenry is so cowed by our culture of victimhood, that the witness couldn’t act against the kidnapper in damn near any possible way, except after the fact. Considering her actions, one wonders if she’d have the guts to testify against the kidnapper should he be caught;
  • -there’s only about 3,000 people who live in this town, the fearful witness might actually be someone I know or like;
  • -That officially, police here actually LIKE the fact that the typical Canadian citizen is disarmed and helpless in the face of violence, (more on this in a bit;) Odds are had a good samaritan confronted the kidnapper he or she would most likely end up facing some sort of assault charges.

Another perfect illustration of this indoctrinated helplessness (moooo) happened 15 years ago, when all the so-called ‘men’ obeyed deranged gunman Marc Lepine's orders to exit a classroom at Montreal’s College Polytechnique, so he could shoot all the women students left behind. Lepine was born Gamil Gharbi, the son of an Algerian Muslim wife-beater, though you wouldn't know that from the press coverage. Feminists and liberals have been using that horrible crime ever since as justification for more and greater gun control.

Had someone like Lepine attempted the same thing in a Canadian college classroom in the 1940s he’d most likely have been mobbed by the men present. Too bad there weren’t any of those men present 15 years ago at the College Polytechnique, or around 1pm Sunday on highway 28 near Bon Accord.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Bush Lied... NOT!

Just back from a working road trip up to the Ft.McMurray Tarsands and what's this?
Former Iraqi Airforce General Georges Sada, the number two ranked General in Saddam Hussein's airforce, has gone public with HOW Saddam hid his WMDs in Syria prior to the 2nd Gulf War!


Damn that felt good. Thanks MadOgre.

Reports are that General Sada will be meeting with the U.S. officialdom in the immediate future, particularly with members of the Senate Armed Services Committee.
Other tidbits from the book include the fact that Osama Bin Laden visited Iraq many times during the mid-1980s.

Sada's book isn't the first time news has broke regarding the hiding of Iraqi WMDs. Previous reports were largely ignored by the midstream media. Hell, as of tonight, a search of cnn.com of the keywords 'wmd' and 'sada' show no hits at all.

"In April 2004, US Vice President Dick Cheney stated to the press that he had seen reports regarding Hussein's WMD being moved to Syria.

Further, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on December 23, 2002, stated: "'Chemical and biological weapons which Saddam is endeavoring to conceal have been moved from Iraq to Syria.'" See article in the Fall 2005 Middle East Quarterly .

American press gave those words little attention since the nation was caught up in Christmas celebrations and vacations."

Conservatives have long charged that the midstream media either distorts or ignores news that doesn't agree with their pre-conceived left wing notions of reality, (not that we needed any more proof of that.) I'm reminded of comments the late great Robert Heinlein made regarding people who think that way:

"Anyone who thinks of the world in terms of what it ought to be, Instead of what it is, isn't ready for the final exam."

Thursday, January 26, 2006

American comments...

...on the Canadian Election.

You can tell Cox and Forkum's works are among my favorite ever. Hit this link and vote for them too!

Rob B in Texas had a few comments that cracked me up. I had to pass them along. He blogs with 3 other guys at http://www.fileitunder.com.

"With Canadians voting yesterday, the word has come down that the Conservitive party within Canada has scored big. Now, I honestly admit that I don't follow Canadian politics, except thier Gun Contol issue, but that won't keep me from commenting.

Now that you have come over to the dark side of the force let me tell you what great things a conservative government will mean for you:

1. Don Cherry will wear a plaid tie.
2. You still get to bitch about America
3. Your beer will magically stay one degree cooler
4. Gas pipelines will magically be a little quieter.
5. Micheal Moore will bitch about you and you get to call him a fat tub of crap just like us, but with a french accent.
6. The Canadian Olympic hockey team will have 2 less sticks break during games.
7. Zamboni shares up +0.03%
8. The drug tunnels across our borders will get lights and and rails
9. You get to send your top 10 unruly Muslims to camp X-ray for a one month free stay to convince them that they don't have it so bad.
10. an extra 5% off for seniors on T-Bone night at the Golden Corral or Sizzler of your choosing.

All of that just by changing Alignment. Or at least that's what it says in my political D&D handbook....

BTW, tell Stepehn Harper that as a "Ranger" he can go dual class and tell him to search for treasure because in that office is a "+12 tie of Backbone" but it was lost some time before Jean Chretien took office.

Good luck!"

Love the D&D joik.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Lefty CBC can't resist spinning Election results

By 9am the day after the election Canada's tax-funded, largely self appointed purveyors of all things "sophisticated-Canadian" were spinning the election results. Yes, Conservatives won, but
their support was mostly in the (ignorant) rural regions. The spin is that if you check voting patterns in Canada's "Important" ridings (implied), the Urban centres of Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto, socialist Liberal and NDP voters were 70% of the vote.

...and by implication, the Conservatives therefore don't have a legitimate mandate to rule.

I've been listening to CBC Radio coverage of the election campaigns all along, and the worldview of their reporters and announcers are, from the newsroom to their current affairs show "As it Happens," blatantly pro-socialist/anti-conservative.

I don't object to their having a point of view. That's human nature. It's their pretense of objectivity, and the fact that they actually appear to believe they're being fair and balanced that irks me.

That, and the fact that despite their being ignored by nearly 93% of the population, they get to waste nearly a billion taxpayer dollars every year to do so.

Good Riddance ya Bums!

Crow Crow Crow! It was an almost perfect evening. After twelve years of abuse by a political party who's core belief is "Say anything to stay in power," Canada finally gets a government that will try to do the right thing. I say try, because there's going to be mistakes, and if you think our Liberal-appointed bureaucracy, Liberal-appointed Supreme Court, and Lefty-Liberal media are going be anything but sullenly uncooperative (and probably downright obstructive) you're an idiot. Such is life.

The Liberals are out, their token Albertan, Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan lost her seat, former Prime Minister Paul Martin is resigning, and unconvicted jewel thief Svend Robinson (who proved you can steal more than just taxpayer's money with virtual impunity if you're a gay Member of Parliament) failed in his bid to con the people of Vancouver into re-electing him.

So what's going to happen? My wet dream is the Liberals pick a rich, insulated, upper-class non-representative Canadian to replace the rich, insulated, upper-class Canadian who's on his way out. Someone like, (snicker) Belinda Stronach. The only better (as in more politically crippling) choice would be an insulated, broke-minded and envious ivory-tower academic.

A minority government was obviously not the best result possible. I was originally worried that the Liberals would not hesitate to take every opportunity they could to topple a conservative minority government. That's their track record in the past, and it made Liberal criticism of Steven Harper's conservatives for forcing an election last fall ring particularly hollow.
But now that the Liberals are going to be tearing themselves to pieces in anticipation of a leadership race, and the other lefty parties are too tiny to interfere, maybe the Conservatives will be able to accomplish a few constructive things.
Hopefully Steven Harper gets the chance to do so before the rotters in the national media start their attacks... Naw, I bet he doesn't even get 24 hours.

( filibuster cartoon at the top is at http://www.filibustercartoons.com/archive.php?id=20060118 )

Monday, January 23, 2006

Winner 2006 Award for most Embarassing 911 call.

Voting day in Canada, so I'm not going to comment on the election or those lying thieving bastards the liberals.

One of my oldest friends, Vince Sanregret, told me years ago that back when he was working as an Registered Nurse, a night club patron was brought into the hospital after a traffic accident. The Emergency room nurses found a banana stuffed in the front of his crotch. Later, when the guy collected his personal effects to check out, some wag had placed a new banana on top of his clothing.

But that doesn't beat this one! My buddy Roger tells the story about the kinky 33-year-old UK housewife who went shopping while wearing a pair of vibrating panties. Paramedics were called to the Asda supermarket in Swansea after the woman had passed out in a swoon and whacked her head on a shelf on the way down. The EMTs disabled the device (I can hear them now... EMT#2 to EMT1: "No- You reach in there and feel for a switch..." ) and took the unconcious woman to the nearest hospital for a much-needed cigarette...

Bet she won't be shopping at that store too much in the near future.

Monday, January 16, 2006

More desperate BS from Liberals

Bad enough the Libs have been lying about the Conservatives all through the campaign, they've apparently sent a fake email to Conservative supporters purporting to be authored by Party President Don Plett.
The first I heard of it was thismorning, in an email from Conservative Party Campaign chair Doug Finley:

January 16th, 2006

Dear friend,

In the last day or two, you may have seen an e-mail message purporting to come from Conservative Party President Don Plett. This message is bogus; Mr. Plett did not send out anything of the sort. Radio CKNW in Vancouver has traced this e-mail to a server in St. Petersburg, Russia, and behind that to a Liberal-friendly source in Toronto.

In the final week of the campaign, our increasingly desperate opponents are likely to resort to more of these manoeuvres. Please keep that in mind if you receive e-mail that claims to be from a Conservative source but doesn?t match your understanding of our party?s policy.

Hold the course and don?t get rattled by our opponents? dirty tricks! Just one week to go till election day.


Doug Finley
Campaign Manager

I wish I'd gotten the damned thing, but my computer was down last week, after falling victim to the windows wmf hack. I'd returned from a business trip Thursday to discover my machine had been spamming all day Wednesday.

ROTFL! Liberals?