Friday, May 20, 2005

Collect sample from Mid-Stream

 Reading/Watching MSM now gives me the same feeling I get from collecting a urine specimen. You don't want to get any of it on you. Chris Muir in Daybyday gets that same sense exactly. God help us if these lower standards spread to other professions.

I don't know why I was shocked to discover that Mid Stream Media like Newsweek, NY Times, and CBS have chosen to lower their standards of proof to the level of 'it could happen.' After Rathergate I can only conclude that Newsweek would run an unverified story simply because it was inflamatory and would make trouble for the Bush administration in the Middle east.

Somewhere, Somehow, in a journalism class in some college, there may still exist a naïve young person who actually believes the MSM is unbiased and objective. Although Newsweek retracted a story they admitted was made up, big media in the United States has adopted the conjecture and heresay standard of news verification that we haven't seen since the more extreme anti-war atrocity stories of the Vietnam War.


Anonymous said...

Yes, imagine if the MSM lowered their standards to that of, say, the US Government who now invade countries because they 'may pose a threat'. Pre-emptive security and all that.

Say weren't those stories later verified as true? Where are the blog entries about that? You know, the ones condemning the administration for their feigned outrage at a story they knew to be true?

Somewhere, somehow, in a journalism class in some college there may still exist a naive young person who actually believes the MSM doesn't kowtow to Conservatives and the government. They believe the MSM won't be forced into issuing apologies simply because they make the administration look bad.

Hamm172 said...

Your cynicism distorts your view of the world dude. "May Pose a threat? There WERE WMD's and Saddam was planning a strike against Israel.