Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Greatest Political Secret

Horde leader George Hill, aka the Mad Ogre, says he's learned the key secret of the masters for getting elected. A sense of humor?

"Okay, since I've not posted in awhile, I'll give you a secret. I have the secret for all success, and political success as well. Hear me out here... Let's look at some people... Ronald Reagan. 2 terms in office. Arnold Schwarzenegger, took Cali by a landslide. Clint Eastwood, Carmel, California Mayor. OJ, acquitted. Reagan did some comedies with a monkey, Arnold did Kindergarten Cop. Eastwood did some monkey comedies too... OJ, he did some Naked Gun comedies. That guy that played Beretta and shot his wife? No comedies that I know of... guilty. Donald Trump? He even makes fun of himself... millions. Gore? Not a funny bone in his body... Lost. Kerry... Same thing, lost. Bush, Bush is funny. Just look at him. Not famously so, but more than those he beat. What do chicks dig? Guys that can make them laugh. I'm telling you, that's the key right there. Be Funny. Not like a clown, but just enough to keep people smiling around you. That's the secret right there"

I enjoy the Mad Ogre's insight and sense of humor pretty well all the time, and I think he may have smoked out a universal truth or something. Ol' Fuddle Duddle did well enough at the polls up here too.


Mrs.E said...

He's saying OJ is innocent?

Andy said...

No, I think he meant OJ was aquitted, -that he sold the jury on his innocence, or at least reasonable doubt of his guilt.

Mrs.E said...

Ah, I see. Funny.