Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Canuck MSM Censors 6000 person March

Still think our media isn't biased? That's it's fair and objective?In Canada, if you can get 6,000 people to gather on Parliament's steps to protest it's front page news, and the lead story on TV.
But as far as the major media goes (Except for the Ottawa Sun) the event never happened. On May 12th the CBC had a news blackout. On May 12th the newspapers were too busy chasing ambulances. On May 12th Parliamentary correspondants couldn't be bothered to check out what the noise was outside, because it was just 6,000 people gathered to march against abortion and euthanasia.

A check on Google news shows only 7 news stories, one by the Ottawa Sun, and 6 by various pro-life or Catholic publications.

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