Monday, May 09, 2005

Canadian Media ignores Scientific Report

LGF posts:
"Here’s a very interesting story at Canada Free Press about a large group of Canadian scientists who have made a documentary speaking out against the Kyoto Protocol—only to find that Canadian television refuses to broadcast it: Kyoto Protocol—Propaganda or Censorship?"

The documentary is available online for download at: Friends of Science. I wasn't able to get it all, but you may. Give it a shot.

That the Canadian media has adopted as truth the politically correct but unsubstantiated
theory of global warming is no surprise. That the bastards won't allow scientists a platform to tell the truth is, sadly, no surprise either.

I've seen the documentary now, and it makes a compelling case against the politically expedient misuse of Science to sell the public on the Global Warming hoax. This is definitely worth your time to watch.

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