Monday, May 16, 2005

Muslims say Apology not good enough.

Saudi Arabia and Egypt have both rejected Newsweek's weak-assed apology. Big fat surprise there. Ohhh boy, didn't see that one coming from a mile away. I expected better from the religion of peace and lov- ...oops sorry, my mistake, we're talking about Muslims.

According to ABC News, Newsweek did not even run their apology in their Arab language edition. If they really were sincere, that Apology would not only be in english, but Arabic too. But it wasn't. I get the impression that Newsweek's editor and writers are probably pleased with the results they got from that falsified news story. If their goal was to damage America's foreign relations, they succeeded.

Newsweek knew their sources had backed down on the toilet story. Newsweek knew the only case of someone putting the Koran in the toilet was when some MUSLIM inmates did it themselves in an attempt to plug the toilets during a protest. By running the story they knew was false, by printing an apology in english, but not in it's Arabic editions, Newsweek must have had a goal in mind. They didn't do it accidentaly.

What is it called when you deliberately harm your own nation's interests?


Anonymous said...

Were the stories untrue? That's not what was later reported. Where's your blog entry protesting prisoner abuse? How about civlians detained for years with no charges? Flew under your radar, did it? Perhaps they need to be a different color or religion before you take notice. I guess all that Abu Graib abuse was carried out by Muslim troops on orders from their Muslim officers. Christians don't do things like that. What a freakin' joke.

Hamm172 said...

Untrue? Yup. As for their not being charged, most were captured in combat against coalition forces. So Frankly, I don't give a shit.