Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Another Dishonest Gas Pump? Westpark Husky

Gassed up in Fort Saskatchewan this afternoon at the Westpark Husky on Hwy 21. The two pumps I checked either were out of date or not stamped. Gas was $74.00

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Pope Says "Communism Doesn't Work..."

Pope Benedict XVI was on his way for a planned trip to Cuba and Mexico today.  The full sentence was in fact, "Communism doesn't work in Cuba."  But history has already shown it hasn't worked anywhere.

Here's the quote from Reuters:

Speaking on the plane taking him from Rome for a trip to Mexico and Cuba, the pope told reporters: "Today it is evident that Marxist ideology in the way it was conceived no longer corresponds to reality."  "In this way we can no longer respond and build a society. New models must be found with patience and in a constructive way."

He's not the first head of the Catholic Church to speak out against communism, just the latest. 

I hope this serves as yet another poke in the eye for all those so-called "Social Justice Catholics" who repeatedly vote for the Pro-abortion Socialist-leaning parties in our elections in the name of the "Poor".. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Power is Out

The power has been out for half an hour now, and the house is getting colder. It's snowing outside too... And its March 22nd. Hahahahaha! At least the snowflakes are a lot smaller now than they were an hour ago. So much so that It's hard to make them out in this iPhone photo.

I can't work in the office, I might as well drive into the city and use the electricity at a Starbucks or something...

(Posted via smartphone)

Update: Cancel Armageddon, the power came back on two hours later...

Our Contempt for Judges Increases

The ridiculous two-year sentence gifted ( yes, GIFTED ) to boy's hockey coach and self-confessed lifetime pedophile Graham James serves only to increase again the contempt that many ordinary Canadians feel for our Judges on an increasingly frequent basis.

It appears to me that Justice Catherine Carlson gave what amounted to mere lip-service yesterday to the heinous nature of Jame's actions before waxing poetic about how the embarrasing scrutiny James had endured granted her leeway to be lenient to Graham James in his sentencing.

Based on his past convictions, Graham James likely won't even serve one full year of incarceration for the hundreds of molestations he committed against the two victims of this case, Theo Fleury and Todd Holt. Throughout the trial, the two victims suffered through repeated re-victimization and the humiliation of having what happened to them publicized across the nation's media, yet it was only Graham Jame's humiliation that Justice Catherine Carlson seemed to truly have care for. What did she say again? Oh yeah, something along the lines of being concerned about the humiliation of the so-called 'intense media scrutiny' James had undergone throughout his trial.

Perhaps there was scrutiny, but the only interviews and photos I ever saw were of his victims. Graham James was allowed to hide his face from the public, avoid the media, and with Justice Carlson's assistance, avoid having his sentence televised, which would have allowed the world to see what this perv looked like.

Yes, the World. It appears that would be a good thing, because although Graham James had been banned from coaching boys FOR LIFE in Canada, he has been able to continue meeting and grooming young boys in Spain and Latin America for years. Does that sound to you like the actions of a 'reformed' pedophile? Supposedly grooming them for hockey, but... Was Justice Carlson so clueless as to believe that?

Outrage against lenient sentencing has been increasing amongst ordinary citizens ever since the liberal progressive theorists gained ascendancy in the 1960's and changed the Justice System (which had been concerned with concepts like justice and punishment of crimes) into a Legal System where justice took a back seat to legal-technicalities, rehabilitation and other groovy social engineering concepts. Whenever this subject is raised, the bleeding hearts confuse the issue by whining "but punishment doesn't work as a deterrent."

Well listen up: It's not deterrence we want. We Want Punishment. We want the rotters thrown out of society where they can't hurt people any more, dammit. Forty years of "rehab penal theory" has done NOTHING to reduce recidivism. Don't you get it yet? If they're in jail long enough not to offend again that's Good Enough for the rest of us.

Thinking about my contempt for this sentence and for the judge who gifted it to the criminal, it occurs to me that I know very little about Justice Carlson's career or previous judgements. They may have been good ones. She might be proud of her record. So perhaps It is an ideological problem that has put her out-of-step with the rest of us. How else is it that so many of our supposedly intelligent Judges decisions offend more and more ordinary citizens???? That's the truth at the core of this rant: it is out of step with the rest of us. I'm thinking of starting a weblog that just lists stupid dumbassed judgements and stupid dumbassed judges who make them.

I think there'd be lots of entries.

As for scrutiny, It's remarkably hard to find photos of judges online, otherwise you'd see your puss up here too Catherine. Your decision to keep the television cameras out of your courtroom sure saved you that little disgrace, didn't it? I have to settle for posting Graham Jame's new look in your stead.

Link: Sun News: "Two Years for Graham James" Link: Wikipedia: Catherine Carlson

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Posting Comments, Honesty and Anonymity

I'm pretty opinionated.  Really.

So I have come to expect that my comments here and on other forums on the web will sometimes elicit an angry response by some (usually of the politically correct, lefty liberal types) here and on those other websites and forums.

Now when I make a comment on someone else's website I normally identify myself and even include this blog as a place to contact me.  So I think it's reasonable to expect visitors to my blog to identify themselves too. I won't post anyone's anonymous comments. Anonymity on the web sometimes brings out the worse in people.
(Image from

I once had a guy ( let's assume it was a guy ) who so objected to my statements on one web forum, he created a blogger account just so he could come here and call me names.  Of course he blocked anyone (like me, for instance) from seeing his blogger profile so I archived his comments where they deserved to be, in oblivion.


Signs of Spring (...and honesty at Costco)

It's March 20th, the time of the Spring Equinox, and the signs of a new season are around us.  The first migrating geese of the year, the first glimpse of snow mold on last year's lawn,  the unique smell of the first of the thawing dog doo emerging from under last winter's blanket of snow...

...and since Christmas, my first honest gasoline pump. Yup.  It's March 20th, and this is the first honest gas pump I've seen in nearly three months. I was so excited I took a picture of it.

See the sticker? There's a Federal Regulation that requires all Service Stations and Gas Bars to have their gasoline pumps certified according to a set schedule. Since I gas up at least twice a week that's at last 27 other times I could have been gouged at the pump.

Seeing as how the oil companies have already been manipulating the cost of oil to gouge us honestly at the pump this little bit of extra larceny on the part of the retailer just pisses me off.  One time last month, at a highway gas station between Fort Saskatchewan and Lamont, Alberta, the pumps didn't even have the old, outdated certification stickers that showed they'd at least been certified once in the past. I went into the store and complained to the elderly lady ( I thought she was the owner/manager) behind the till about her pumps not being certified. Even though I had heard her speak to a customer ahead of me, she pretended she couldn't speak or understand english well enough to answer me.

I'll be gassing up at the Costco again in the future. 

A stolen blonde joik.

I stole this joke from Grumpy old Cripple:


During a recent password audit, it was found that a blonde was using the following password:

When asked why she had such a long password, she said she was told that it had to be at least 8 characters
long and include at least one capital.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Education Act an Attack on Parenting

A New Education Act will likely become law this week that STEALS your Parental Right to teach your kids as you see fit, and gives it to the STATE. The Premier, Allison REDford, has tried to say she's not doing that, she's just putting into law a requirement that we teach our kids 'Alberta Values', specifically, the Alberta Human Rights Act.

Why? The Provincial government already sets the curriculum. They don't need a new LAW for that.

Yet by definition, as Albertan parents we pass on to kids our Albertan Values anyway. So why do we need a LAW? We only need a LAW if Premier REDford or some of her bureaucrats have think they know better than YOU which Values are in their view more Albertan than others.
The fact that the Alberta Human Rights act and it's Starchamber Tribunals have been used repeatedly by activists to ruin people's finances and careers was completely glossed over. Rather than tolerance, they seem motivated by a desire to wipe out all opposing viewpoints and punish anyone who dares voice a point of view other than their own.
 But this is not about an anti-gay agenda. Yes, this mostly concerns Homeschoolers, many of whom are Christian. That doesn't necessarily mean anti-gay. It does mean that we're the canary in the coal mine folks. Every new law steals away a little bit more of your freedom. Every time.

We need to call the Premier's office and the Sinister of Education's office TOMORROW to register our opposition to the new Education Act which will most likely become law Monday or Tuesday this week. (The phone numbers are Minister of Education, Mr. Thomas Lukaszuk at 780-427-5010 and then the premier, Allison Redford at 780-427-2251) Call them. You don't have to know what to say, they're just counting calls over there, anyway.
 Link:  Ottawa Citizen   Link:National Post
(Thanks to my friend Paul Nawrocki for the email about this.)

"Belogging" Again.

A few friends have pointedly asked me why I'm not blogging since my facebook updates have taken a blog-like bent of late. The facebook updates I dislike the most are the spam-type messages that are selling a person, product, thing, or poolitical point of view.  ...ok, those and the chain-letter ones. I once said I'd never do that to my friends and family, but I made one this evening. So here I am to post it instead here in my dusty little corner of blogspace...

My son Mark's death in 2010 pretty well derailed both my writing and my blogging, but I'm finally ready to follow my last post. my next one.