Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Posting Comments, Honesty and Anonymity

I'm pretty opinionated.  Really.

So I have come to expect that my comments here and on other forums on the web will sometimes elicit an angry response by some (usually of the politically correct, lefty liberal types) here and on those other websites and forums.

Now when I make a comment on someone else's website I normally identify myself and even include this blog as a place to contact me.  So I think it's reasonable to expect visitors to my blog to identify themselves too. I won't post anyone's anonymous comments. Anonymity on the web sometimes brings out the worse in people.
(Image from www.penny-arcade.com)

I once had a guy ( let's assume it was a guy ) who so objected to my statements on one web forum, he created a blogger account just so he could come here and call me names.  Of course he blocked anyone (like me, for instance) from seeing his blogger profile so I archived his comments where they deserved to be, in oblivion.


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