Friday, March 23, 2012

The Pope Says "Communism Doesn't Work..."

Pope Benedict XVI was on his way for a planned trip to Cuba and Mexico today.  The full sentence was in fact, "Communism doesn't work in Cuba."  But history has already shown it hasn't worked anywhere.

Here's the quote from Reuters:

Speaking on the plane taking him from Rome for a trip to Mexico and Cuba, the pope told reporters: "Today it is evident that Marxist ideology in the way it was conceived no longer corresponds to reality."  "In this way we can no longer respond and build a society. New models must be found with patience and in a constructive way."

He's not the first head of the Catholic Church to speak out against communism, just the latest. 

I hope this serves as yet another poke in the eye for all those so-called "Social Justice Catholics" who repeatedly vote for the Pro-abortion Socialist-leaning parties in our elections in the name of the "Poor".. 

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