Saturday, June 30, 2012


There's more douchebags on the road than ever, this weekend. What ever happened to showing a little courtesy?

Douchebag: a self-centered person who drives as they are the only person on the road.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

CBC Archives: Edited for Ideological purity?

I was eager to denounce the CBC this morning. I couldn't find a specific podcast in their archives that questioned one of the sacred cows of the Politically Correct and I jumped to the obvious conclusion that it had been deliberately left out or lost. As historical revisionism is one of the identifying characteristics of Political Correctness, and the CBC is nothing if not nauseatingly p-c in the extreme, this was not an absurd conclusion. So I set out to review their archives to prove it and immediately discovered that I'd made a mistake.

The programming item I sought hadn't aired yet.


So without any further need to prove a point, I gave up on wasting any more time reviewing their archives for nefarious activity; that's the sort of thing the Politically Correct do.

Yet I remain dissatisfied with our state broadcaster. It's mandate has been obsolete for decades; it's audience has shrunk to a miniscule percentage of the population; as a taxpayer-funded entity it depresses the economy by leeching advertising dollars away from private broadcasters; and worse,  it uses my tax-dollars to promote a Big-Government tax-and-spend socialist ideology I don't agree with.

That last point is particularly galling.  If the CBC were a private enterprise it should be free to adopt any editorial standpoint the ownership desired. Yet as one of the current owners ( I'm paying for it, so I damn well consider myself an owner) of the CBC I am regularly disappointed with what I get for my money. Clearly the CBC needs new owners.

I were Prime Minister, I'd privatize the CBC with my first breath.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

U.N. No Place for Canada

It's past time for Canada to withdraw from the Corrupt Dictators Club that the United Nations has become. The latest Gong Show event was Navi Pillay, the U.N.'s "High Commissioner (now THERE's a Banana-dictatorship style title) for human rights" clumping Canada in with a host of third world shitholes because of Quebec's Bill 78, an attempt to curb the Violent and anarchistic riots by that province's spoiled and undeserving brats. It's a law passed by a democratically elected government, and is being challenged in the courts by the anarchists, (isn't that ironic?) In Syria they are shooting protestors in the streets, but apparently Canada has 'crossed the line' by making it illegal to wear a mask while rioting.

Smells like bullshit. Someone, (Navi Pillay and the U.N.) is getting paid way too much money for the value we're getting for our taxes.

This is not a kneejerk nationalistic rant in response to a criticism of my country. I mean, fire away. I support freedom of speech for anyone who would not deny me my freedom of speech.  And that's the crux. These repeated U.N. criticisms are from an organization that harbors and legitimizes our world's worst rights-abusers while demanding that we not only bend to their so-called standards, but pay the tab too. I've said it before and I'll say it again. ...and again.

Time for us to leave this party.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Too High Profile to charge - Police chicken out

Toronto Store Owner David Chen is AWESOME!  Watch this video. Two men come in to rob his store (again) and he hits them with the bear spray. I cheered when his wife came into the picture and started kicking the robber too!

Store Owner David Chen has been robbed repeatedly and had been charged in 2009 by the Gatineau Dumbasses- I'm sorry, by the "Police" for finally defending himself and his property after THE SAME THIEF kept coming to his little store and repeatedly robbing it.  Chen, in a fit of anger and frustration at the failure of the police to keep this scumbag off the streets chased the robber down, tied him up himself and then called police.  Did they thank him for helping them do their jobs?  Noooooooooo. The charges against Chen made national headlines and Canadians across the country expressed outrage at the injustice done to Chen.

I'm generally a supporter of law and order. I'm generally a supporter of our Police. I have friends who are career law enforcement officers and thanks to them have an idea of the risks they face every day. But I can't support the idea that we can't and shouldn't defend ourselves. Thank God the Government is trying to pass bill C-26, which will hopefully cut down on the moronic tendency of Canadian Police to charge the victims of crime for DEFENDING THEMSELVES.

Police have not charged Chen this time with assaulting his robbers, or for using bear spray as a weapon, probably because he is now too high-profile. The Police were quick to warn the serfs- I mean, law abiding citizens, that when confronted by criminals they should "lie back and enjoy it" and press charges later.

Ok, they didn't say that first part.  But it still feels like rape.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Why Promote this Creep?

It's an old old cliche that blood sells newspapers. As a society we have come to expect a little sensationalism with our news, But I don't think that excuses the the Three Page Pictorial Spread the Edmonton Sun devoted Thursday to wanted murder suspect Luka Mag-whatsisname.
Six and possibly seven large photos of this bozo under lurid headlines plays right into what appears to be his need to feed his ego. TV and Radio newscasts led with aspects of the story all day yesterday, and many newscasts included 'new angles' today. Yes its a horrific Crime and now the search for Luba has spread overseas.

Its not exactly free publicity if you consider the price the victim paid. So can we stop giving this loser any more publicity?