Thursday, June 07, 2012

Too High Profile to charge - Police chicken out

Toronto Store Owner David Chen is AWESOME!  Watch this video. Two men come in to rob his store (again) and he hits them with the bear spray. I cheered when his wife came into the picture and started kicking the robber too!

Store Owner David Chen has been robbed repeatedly and had been charged in 2009 by the Gatineau Dumbasses- I'm sorry, by the "Police" for finally defending himself and his property after THE SAME THIEF kept coming to his little store and repeatedly robbing it.  Chen, in a fit of anger and frustration at the failure of the police to keep this scumbag off the streets chased the robber down, tied him up himself and then called police.  Did they thank him for helping them do their jobs?  Noooooooooo. The charges against Chen made national headlines and Canadians across the country expressed outrage at the injustice done to Chen.

I'm generally a supporter of law and order. I'm generally a supporter of our Police. I have friends who are career law enforcement officers and thanks to them have an idea of the risks they face every day. But I can't support the idea that we can't and shouldn't defend ourselves. Thank God the Government is trying to pass bill C-26, which will hopefully cut down on the moronic tendency of Canadian Police to charge the victims of crime for DEFENDING THEMSELVES.

Police have not charged Chen this time with assaulting his robbers, or for using bear spray as a weapon, probably because he is now too high-profile. The Police were quick to warn the serfs- I mean, law abiding citizens, that when confronted by criminals they should "lie back and enjoy it" and press charges later.

Ok, they didn't say that first part.  But it still feels like rape.

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