Saturday, August 09, 2014

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Redford Abused her power, CBC misses the point.

"Was it SEXISM?" asks the CBC.   How lame.  

Go to Google right now, and you'll find many descriptions of her spendthrift sense of entitlement. News story after news story. Predictably, the CBC (Civil-servant's Broadcasting Corp) has missed the story and is trying to create the narrative that it was a bias against her gender that got her turfed.

I learned long ago that it's a common flaw of human nature to assume your hangups are shared by everyone else.  This then is an interesting insight into the cultural mindset of the CBCers.  Only man-haters will buy that bit of fiction. That's a bit of absurdity that's right up there with the Obama apologists in the U.S. who, after two terms watching him develop the worst Presidential track record in history, continue to assert that anyone who's not an Obama supporter is a racist.

Did people not like her?  Sure. I believe many people who tried to vote conservative and ended up electing Alison Redford to power were very disappointed with their pig in a poke.

But from day one she described herself as a 'progressive' and took pains to refer to her party as the PROGRESSIVE conservative Party (her emphasis). At the time I suggested that she was one of those political lefties who figured the only way to get elected to power in conservative Alberta was to pretend you were a conservative. Conservative voters have only themselves to blame.


Canada's Green Party sides with the Haters

Paul Estrin has learned that the Green Party, despite a claim of neutrality, has no tolerance for party officials who express contempt for Gaza's Hamas leadership, or support for Israel's right to defend itself when attacked.  Estrin, who last week was the President of Canada's Green Party, last month posted a 2,200 word blog entry on the party website on 'why Gaza makes me sad.'  He made a point of condemning the Hamas leadership for hiding in shelters while encouraging it's civilian population to remain in place and suffer casualties from Israeli attacks on rocket launch sites in civilian areas.

The Party received numerous complaints from party members, many of whom threatened to withdraw their memberships and financial support.  Leader Elizabeth May was quick to distance herself from Estrin.

Estrin has resigned his position as Green Part President. The party says Estrin's resignation has no connection to his blog post.  And if you believe that, I have a Green Party Memberhip application form for you to fill in.  They like credulous fools over there.

My own personal position on the Green Party is that it's made up of well-meaning, credulous fools whose thinking processes must be mostly of the 'wishful' sort. I shouldn't be surprised that it's supporters were so largely swayed by the overwhelmingly anti-Israeli news coverage in Canada.