Thursday, April 05, 2012

Unnecessary Update Hell


I've discovered a new law of nature. Let me tell you about it:
When a computer program reaches a level of development where it works "just the way you like it" it's only a matter of months before it's makers will bring in updates to mess it up.
I'm still using an older version of firefox, 3.6. I've seen the trouble my friends have had with the bloated newer versions and I'm not eager to change. It's not the resource-pig that the latest version is, and I've got the plug-ins and add-ons working the way I like. Starting two weeks ago, every time I open it I have to put up with bullshit demands from Mozilla that I upgrade and add more layers of goo to my browser.
This is a pet peeve of mine that goes back to Microsoft Works, Word, and Office. The original version of MS Works that came with my first Windows95 system was easy to figure out, and easy to use. Office 97 was like a fancy dressed up version of Works, and the changes to the menus intuitive and logical. Office 2003 seemed like an unnecessary expense that just repackaged the Office 97 suite in a new box.
But it was MS Office 2007, which completely changed the menus, expanded, regrouped, and seemingly redistributed the commands at random, which proved that they must do this shit to justify keeping their jobs. 
 We hates them.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Obama: Facts versus Feelings

I have met many people who've told me they like Barrack.Obama. But other than, "He's better than Palin", or  "It's good that he's Black" they haven't given me any good reasons why.  It's for them that I'm linking to this Bill Whittle youtube video.  Whittles points out facts, not feelings.

You might also try reading the comments about the video by outraged liberals.  No good counter-arguments. Mostly just feelings.  That might be a good way to pick your class president or favorite brand of liquor, but these retards use em to pick their leader...!