Friday, November 30, 2007

Gun Control Affects Crime

...but not how you might think.

This should be shown in Schools. Thanks Roger, for the link. Here in Canada it seems that the RCMP want ordinary citizens to be helpless.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Stuff you almost Never See in the Papers

I was shopping with my mother and sister a couple of weeks ago, when I walked past this Edmonton Journal headline: CANADIANS ROUT TALIBAN. I've been reading about the coalition (and Canada's) successes against the Taliban in Afghanistan from non-traditional news sources for quite sometime, but this midsteam media headline was a surprise. The Liberal Journal seems to usually print only stories that seem to me to be designed to damage morale and sway Canadian public opinion against participation in the recovery and rebuilding of Afghanistan. No doubt the regular editor at the Journal was sick or something, and this story was printed.

Maybe it's catching. Today's Sun carried on the GLOBAL watch page the headline: AMBUSH ENDS BADLY FOR TALIBAN. The Sun news wire reported that a Nato-led force was ambushed yesterday in southern Afghanistan but suffered no losses. The story reported that the Taliban lost "dozens of insurgents" and attempted to hide in a residential area. I'm usually skeptical of what appears to be "newsrelease" reporting, but we can be reasonably certain there weren't any coalition casualties- that would have been reported in the midstream media for sure.

Meanwhile, another milestone was ignored by the midstream media: the 10,000th act of Islamic-based terrorism since 9/11.

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks  Since 9/11

I've had the opportunity to meet a few people who claim to be moderate muslims; Muslim by choice. Some are very likeable guys, Veterans of honorable service with the U.S. military. But when the topic turns to issues like this, they get very hot and very angry.
My response is that either they've been lied to, or we've been been lied to about what Islam really is. But I'll buy into their viewpoint only after it's as Safe to open a Jewish Synagogue in Tehran or Medina as it is to open a Mosque in Edmonton or New York.

Who knows, that day may come.

Ordinary Sunni Iraqi's have been banding together in revolt against the Al-Qaida terrorists in Iraq. Baghdad's largest Sunni Cleric's group, The Association of Muslim Scholars, has condemed the actions of these ordinary citizens who've acted to protect themselves by doing things like capturing suicide bombers and holding them until the authorities arrived. Associated Press reported Yesterday that after accusing the Association of Muslim Scholars of actively supporting Al-Qaida, the Iraqi government seized control of their headquarters.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

registration = confiscation

I was really surprised to read that this happened in America. It's the kind of shit I'd have expected to read about here in Canada.

During the hurricane Katrina emergency, when looting and lawlessness became rampant, the police were ordered to begin seizing firearms from law abiding citizens. Geezus, what about the fucking criminals???????

Comment (November 10th) by the MadOgre:
FACT: Democrats are gun grabbers. As for your reference to the New Orleans confiscations: You are right. It did happen under a Republican President's watch. But it also ended under the same and it was ordered by Democrats in charge at the local level. As soon as something happened, PRESTO – the Democrats ordered the guns seized. Look at similar mass disasters in other areas where the Republicans are in charge... oh, say... ANY of the other last major floods in the last 20 years. They did not stick their hands out demanding FEMA give them money. They did not throw a hissy fit and start seizing guns. They just simply rolled up their sleeves and got to work.

Thanks George.

Friday, November 02, 2007

On November 11th...

Take 2 minutes. Please.

Pounder, Thanks for reminding me.
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