Thursday, March 31, 2005

MSM backhandedly admits Global Warming a Hoax - Suzuki has aneurysm

It's possible that an editor at the Political Correctness Censor's desk of the Toronto Star might end up losing their job, as they somehow allowed a story to run this week that puts paid to the Global Whining Warming. Mainstream media has in the last 15 years or so been very careful to grant full credibility to the global whiners, proclaiming their theories as proven fact.
But this week the Toronto Star ran the obligatory "Spring is finally here" story this week, and nailed global whining on the head with it's opening sentence:

A late burst of temperatures in the double digits may yet save this March from going down as the coldest in more than 40 years, according to Environment Canada's senior climatologist David Phillips.

Michael at the BlueMapleleaf calls global warming "the best excuse the Liberals have for raising taxes."

Politically, the global warming issue is the best excuse the liberals have for raising taxes and continuing to grow this oversized government. $5 billion dollars was earmarked in this year’s federal budget to reduce our CO2 emissions under the Kyoto plan. The federal liberals have absolutely no plan on how that money will be spent. Canadians have been told for years that the next generation of Canadians will bake under a glaring sun if we do not fix global warming."

The Star goes on to point out that while things are finally warming up in Toronto, much of the U.S. is still deep in winter.

In the 1970's Trudeau used multiculturalism to deflect our attention away from the daneguild given to Quebec. Today Global warming is the big multi-purpose boogy-man that the enviromentalists are using to drive their agenda, and beleagered governments can try to use to deflect their citizens attention away from more important issues.

I was just kidding about Dr. Suzuki.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Jurors verdict Disqualified because they read the Bible

My thanks to Dave Gulliver, from whom I heard about this first.

Judge Greer in Florida isn’t the only Moonbat on the bench. (not a surprise)

In 1994 Robert Harlan kidnapped a 25 year old waitress at gunpoint, raped her for two hours, and then shot and killed her.

Associated Press is now reporting the Colorado Supreme Court has thrown out Harlan’s 1995 death-penalty sentence because some of the jurors consulted a bible during sentencing deliberations.

Harlan’s defense lawyers discovered that 5 members of the jury consulted the Bible during their sentencing deliberations. The Court bought the defense argument that felt that this may have influenced the jurors to vote for the death penalty instead of life imprisonment. Defense attorney Kathleen Lord volunteered to let Harlan live at her house argued that it was wrong for the jurors to look outside the law (for advice).

In 1994 Robert Harlan kidnapped a 25 year old waitress at gunpoint, raped her for two hours, and then shot and killed her.

In 1994 Robert Harlan kidnapped a 25 year old waitress at gunpoint, raped her for two hours, and then shot and killed her.

In 1994 Robert Harlan kidnapped a 25 year old waitress at gunpoint, raped her for two hours, and then shot and killed her.


What cheeses me most about this story, is this flies in the face of all past interpretations the longstanding tradition that jurors be shielded from outside influences. The rule was meant to keep juries isolated from news sources and the media. But these Buttheads Supreme Court Justices have deliberately targeted the Bible as an undesirable influence. In their zeal to protect Robert Harlan's rights ( compare that to how Terri Schiavo's rights were protected ) they've "gone Boulder."

This means they’re incompetent, or it was a deliberate act…

Either way, they’ve earned my contempt.

Comment to the Management

Man. Blogger is sure screwed-up today. That wasn't my first choice of words.
Yes, it's a free service, but geeze. It took seven attempts just to get to this screen, and yesterday I couldn't post anything but a title.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Google News adds, and then removes nazi hate-site

Last week I encountered a shocking bit of news on LGF, that Google had included a Neo-Nazi website as a Legitimate news source on Google-News.
I favour freedom of speech, but after browsing the National Vanguard site I had to protest.
I'm not saying it was me.  I'm not that egocentric. Google has been dealing with copyright and access issues prior to this, but I know I wasn't the only one emailing Google.  

Sent: Monday, March 21, 2005 9:51 AM
Subject: news source

Dear Google news/PR people,

I discovered today that Google is de facto endorsing a Neo-Nazi
white-supremacist hate site by honoring it as a legitimate news source.
That stinks. If I was a shareholder I'd be f****** ashamed. Is this the
kind of association Google wants people to make?

Andrew (hamm172) Rondeau
And the Reply:

Subject: Re: [#23205526] news source
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005 15:02:41 -0800

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your note. Google News does not allow hate content. If we
are made aware of articles that include hate content, we will remove them.

Please keep in mind, however, that our news sources are chosen without
regard to political viewpoint or ideology. This occasionally leads to
some unusual and contradictory groupings, and it is exactly this variety
that makes Google News a valuable source of well-rounded information on
the important issues in the news.

We have reviewed the inclusion of National Vanguard, however, and have
removed them from Google News.

The Google Team

No Shit.


Transparent LCD? This is so cool.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Striking a Chord

My Compliments to Brooke McEldowney, This one spoke to me. You don't even need to know the story line to appreciate it. Brooke is Author of 9 Chickweed Lane and Pibgorn.

Canada Rejects U.S. Army deserter's Refugee Claim

Aww thank God. Just when I was feeling really cynical about all things to do with Canadian government, this bit of sanity shines through the clouds of dross. No doubt someone from the Liberal Government will notice and quickly sack those responsible.

The Llama in question, 26 year old Deserter Jeremy Hinzmen, a Paratrooper, is a practicing Budhist who says he joined the U.S. Army to get a paid university education in Law or Teaching. He didn't like combat training, and characterizes U.S. combat troops as reflexive killers, "sociopath or psychotic."

Duhhhh. Then he should have joined the Canadian Army. Four more years of Liberal rule and those poor bastards won't even have guns. Have you seen any of the Canadian Forces Recruiting commercials? -no guns. -Okay, if you look really really really really carefully, you can just see some stick-life objects in one or two shots that could be guns... or shovels.

Commenting on the case, Member of Parliament Randy White said Hinzman is a case of someone wanting to "evade prosecution, not persecution."
Hinzman says he thinks the war in Iraq is illegal, and if he has to return to the United States he'll be treated badly because of his views. Officials of the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board disagreed. Hinzmen and his wife, Nga Thi Nguyen, failed to prove they'd face harm, torture, or unusual persecution.

I bet he doesn't eat meat.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Eat an Animal for PETA day

Damn. It appears I missed last week's "Eat An Animal for PETA day." In belated honor of this day I'm posting a photo of a billboard a friend sent me, and an gratuitously offensive quote from Southpark.

Dr. Doctor: "He's very lucky you got him here when you did. He was in a very advanced state of vaginitis."

Randy: "Vaginitis?"

Dr. Doctor: "It occurs when a person stops eating meat. Those sores on his skin were actually small vaginas. If we hadn't stopped it in time, Stan would have eventually just become one great big giant p*ssy."

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Pro-deathers still strong in the House

<>Terri Schiavo's mother is holding a helpless vigil as the State puts her disabled daughter to death in a excruciatingly painful way. Outside the hospice Schiavo's mother pleaded for the 41-year-old woman's life.

"We laugh together, we cry together, we smile together, we talk together," Mary Schindler told reporters. "Please, please, please save my little girl."

Well, lawmakers in the Republican dominated Congress and Senate are trying. But even though most American Pro-lifers voted Republican, not all Republican lawmakers are Pro-life. Pro-death politicos blocked a bill this weekend designed to give Terri's family another chance to save her life, as well as protecting the interests of the severly disabled. Now it seems they will allow passage of a narrow bill that will cover Terri Schiavo alone.

Terri's piece of shit husband, Michael, was at her bedside in the hospice, when they removed her from her feeding tube. He had the gall to tell reporters that he felt peace, finally.

Death by dehydration and starvation is incredibly painful. In America, people serve jail time for treating their pets in this manner. But somehow Schiavo and the Right-to-die crowd are trying to turn Terri Schiavo's murder into a thing of grace.

So much for constitutional rights to "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness."

Friday, March 18, 2005

More WMD in Iraq

Voice of America and Reuters are carrying stories today about the pre-trial hearing of a Dutch man, Accused of Sellling Saddam Hussein ingredients for the manufacturing of Chemical Weapons.

"Prosecutors say Saddam used the weapons in the 1988 attack on the Kurdish town of Halabja that killed 5,000 people. Some survivors of the attack attended Friday's hearing. A prosecutor told the court Mr. van Anraat continued to sell Iraq chemicals even after the Halabja attack. But the defendant denies any wrongdoing."

Things that make you go, 'hmmmmmm'.

Attempted murder

Judge George Greer should be charged with attempted Murder, among other things. Greer, the Pinellas circuit court Judge from Talahassee, this morning ordered 40 year old Terri Schaivo put to death by starvation and dehyrdration. Greer gave the order despite the fact that U.S. Federal law protects witnesses called before official congressional committee proceedings, but Greer apparently doesn’t give a shit. Yesterday Terri Schaivo was ordered to testify before the Senate Health committee by Republican Senator Mike Enzi.

Terri's would-be killers cite a cursory examination that declared Terri unconscious and vegetative, as their justification for why she should die. If you check out the CBC story linked above, please also note that they too have chosen to ignore that Terri Schaivo is conscious and responsive to visitors. (asshats)

Terri’s husband, Michael Schiavo, won a six figure lawsuit years ago for money to pay for Terri’s medical care. Unfortunately for Terri, he has another honey, and badly wants to get remarried. For 15 years he has denied her any of the therapy other brain damaged patients normally get. Who is this mystery woman, who has had two children with this loser of a husband? The national media has been very careful to leave her name out of the news. She must be a fucking moron, terrible judge of character, I mean, how can she hope to depend on this asshole if SHE becomes incapacitated?

You should read what Michelle Malkin calls an absolutely brilliant piece about the deafening silence from America’s various civil liberties organs (all pricks, eh) in regards to Terri’s struggle. In it, Andrew McCarthy compares the nearly Herculean efforts expended to safeguard the rights of captured terrorists, with what’s happening to Terri.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Italian gulibility

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi wants his party to be re-elected next month so bad, he’s starting to sound like John Kerry. Last week he pledged his continued support for the war in Iraq. Tuesday, it’s “We’ve got to construct a precise exit strategy,” (quote from Wednesday’s Globe and Mail.) Today, opposition politicians are accusing him of changing his mind again. Geez. At least he was honest enough to admit it was the opinion polls that made him speak out. The Italian Communist press has sold the public on the idea that the U.S. is lying. Tuesday, Berlusconi demanded George Bush come clean, saying “Those responsible must be identified.”

I wasn’t going to write about Italian public opinion, and how it has been affected by the lies told by that communist reporter, Giuliana Sgrena, but I can’t resist.

Public opinion in Italy turned sharply against America after an Italian secret agent died at a U.S. Army checkpoint in Baghdad earlier this month. U.S. officials say their soldiers fired at the engine compartment of Calipari’s car when it tried to run the checkpoint at high speed.

AP Photographs of the car from news services show intact windows and very few bullet holes. Yet the so-called journalist in the car, Comrade Sgrena, has been claiming that she was the target of a deliberate ambush, and that the car had been riddled with bullets after it slowed to stop at the checkpoint. She’s contradicted herself, changed the story a number of times, and later admitted the car was going so fast that the driver almost lost control.

Why is Sgrena still getting a free pass from our media? Wednesday’s Toronto Globe and Mail managed to retell the story without once mentioning her name, or the glaring inconsistencies of her fabrications.

Sgrena’s mission to Iraq to write anti-American propaganda has succeeded beyond her wildest dreams. Thanks to the driver of her sedan who tried to run an army road block in a war zone, and the gullibility of a populace ready to swallow Sgrena’s tall tales.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

More Iraqi WMD - New York Times

More about the New York Times story on the spiriting away of Saddam's weapons manufacturing equipment:

Sami al-Araji, the deputy minister of industry, said it appeared that a highly organized operation had pinpointed specific plants... approximately 90 important sites in Iraq had been looted or razed in that period.

A military production plant, as photographed in May 2003 for the American investigation into Iraq's unconventional weapons programs.

Satellite imagery analyzed by two United Nations groups - the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission, or Unmovic - confirms that some of the sites identified by Dr. Araji appear to be totally or partly stripped, senior officials at those agencies said. Those officials said they could not comment on all of Dr. Araji's assertions, because the groups had been barred from Iraq since the invasion.
For nearly a year, the two agencies have sent regular reports to the United Nations Security Council detailing evidence of the dismantlement of Iraqi military installations and, in a few cases, the movement of Iraqi gear to other countries. In addition, a report issued last October by the chief American arms inspector in Iraq, Charles A. Duelfer, told of evidence of looting at crucial sites.
Dr. Araji said equipment capable of making parts for missiles as well as chemical, biological and nuclear arms was missing from 8 or 10 sites that were the heart of Iraq's dormant program on unconventional weapons.

New York Times admits there were WMD

Thanks Roger, I never read the times. This from Curmudgeonly & Skeptical:

Now that the newspaper of record for American leftists, twits, and clotpoles has proclaimed that, OMFG, Iraq did have stockpiles of WMD, I wondered what kind of contrition, if any, I could elicit from some of the President's harshest critics on the WMD score.

I'm gonna phone all my liberal friends...

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

what's wrong with legalizing prostitution?

I was asked if my position on legalized prostitution was thought out, or is it merely "knee-jerk conservatism?"

'Knee-jerk conservatism' is merely the proper and automatic recognition of right and wrong. All else is sophistry.

As for prostitution:

Prostitution is wrong because it spreads disease, both physical and moral.

There are many who, including those who were sex-trade workers, see prostitution as slavery.

Legitimizing the sex trade will also have the undesirable effect of making it more acceptable. Moral decay is a label that liberals usually equate with 'meaningless religious argument.' Then they stop paying attention. If you are honestly liberal in thought, you will consider this viewpoint even if it differs from yours. Sex is a part of the procreative act, designed for the perpetuation of our species. It leads to the creation of children who are best raised in a stable family environment of a Father and Mother. The most stable parenting arrangement in history is a Husband and Wife in a covenanted married relationship. It is morally repugnant for a society to encourage the destabilization of the family unit, in this case by making illicit sex licit.

Science has proved that there is no such thing as safe sex. Condoms were designed to prevent pregnancy. I remember reading reports of tests that showed the best Condoms have consistent failure rates as high as 20%. When you factor in all the various activities that can be included under the heading of 'intercourse' (Billy Clinton's bizarre definition excepted) the failure rates can approach 100%.

When you consider the incubation periods of some STDs you can see there is no such thing as a 'safe' sex-trade worker.

There is also the medical threat to the innocent. As a former reporter I've spoken with sex-trade workers, and they'll be the first to tell you a large percentage of their 'johns' are married men. The health of the wives of these married men is jeopardized by their mate's infidelity.

Government Regulation won't prevent STDs from spreading through the sex-trade either. Jurisdictions where prostitution is legal have umpteen regulations against unprotected sex. Yet I've read more than a few reports that unprotected sex is available for an extra fee in supposedly 'regulated' establishments.

It is repugnant for a pimp to benefit from the perverse thing that is the sex trade. Legalizing and taxing it merely makes the Government a pimp as well. If it is legalized, Every Government member who votes FOR this should be made to share a pooled blood transfusion from sex-trade workers.

Monday, March 07, 2005

legalized prostitution #2

A guy walks into a brothel and tells the madam he wants six girls for the evening. The next morning the madam informs the gentleman that there will be no charge. Very happy, he leaves. A few days later he returns, and again tell the madam that he would like six girls for the evening. In the morning the madam presents him with a bill for $1,000. Confused the man asks, ''I don' t understand, on Tuesday it was free.'' ''That's right,'' replies the madam, ''but on Tuesdays we're on cable.''

Last month I brought up this example of the evil combination of Big Government and it’s morally tin ear with legalized prostitution.

This month a few buttheads in the Liberal Party of Canada are trying to get the government to legalize prostitution. It's like their push to legalize marjiuana. They can wiggle and try to justify themselves all they want, but you can’t help but think a few of those moldy ex-hippies in caucus want to be able to toke up now and then. Likewise I think someone on Parliament hill can’t get laid at home, and wants to be able to legally buy it.

I swiped the joke from Roger.