Friday, March 18, 2005

Attempted murder

Judge George Greer should be charged with attempted Murder, among other things. Greer, the Pinellas circuit court Judge from Talahassee, this morning ordered 40 year old Terri Schaivo put to death by starvation and dehyrdration. Greer gave the order despite the fact that U.S. Federal law protects witnesses called before official congressional committee proceedings, but Greer apparently doesn’t give a shit. Yesterday Terri Schaivo was ordered to testify before the Senate Health committee by Republican Senator Mike Enzi.

Terri's would-be killers cite a cursory examination that declared Terri unconscious and vegetative, as their justification for why she should die. If you check out the CBC story linked above, please also note that they too have chosen to ignore that Terri Schaivo is conscious and responsive to visitors. (asshats)

Terri’s husband, Michael Schiavo, won a six figure lawsuit years ago for money to pay for Terri’s medical care. Unfortunately for Terri, he has another honey, and badly wants to get remarried. For 15 years he has denied her any of the therapy other brain damaged patients normally get. Who is this mystery woman, who has had two children with this loser of a husband? The national media has been very careful to leave her name out of the news. She must be a fucking moron, terrible judge of character, I mean, how can she hope to depend on this asshole if SHE becomes incapacitated?

You should read what Michelle Malkin calls an absolutely brilliant piece about the deafening silence from America’s various civil liberties organs (all pricks, eh) in regards to Terri’s struggle. In it, Andrew McCarthy compares the nearly Herculean efforts expended to safeguard the rights of captured terrorists, with what’s happening to Terri.

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