Saturday, March 19, 2005

Pro-deathers still strong in the House

<>Terri Schiavo's mother is holding a helpless vigil as the State puts her disabled daughter to death in a excruciatingly painful way. Outside the hospice Schiavo's mother pleaded for the 41-year-old woman's life.

"We laugh together, we cry together, we smile together, we talk together," Mary Schindler told reporters. "Please, please, please save my little girl."

Well, lawmakers in the Republican dominated Congress and Senate are trying. But even though most American Pro-lifers voted Republican, not all Republican lawmakers are Pro-life. Pro-death politicos blocked a bill this weekend designed to give Terri's family another chance to save her life, as well as protecting the interests of the severly disabled. Now it seems they will allow passage of a narrow bill that will cover Terri Schiavo alone.

Terri's piece of shit husband, Michael, was at her bedside in the hospice, when they removed her from her feeding tube. He had the gall to tell reporters that he felt peace, finally.

Death by dehydration and starvation is incredibly painful. In America, people serve jail time for treating their pets in this manner. But somehow Schiavo and the Right-to-die crowd are trying to turn Terri Schiavo's murder into a thing of grace.

So much for constitutional rights to "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness."

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