Thursday, March 31, 2005

MSM backhandedly admits Global Warming a Hoax - Suzuki has aneurysm

It's possible that an editor at the Political Correctness Censor's desk of the Toronto Star might end up losing their job, as they somehow allowed a story to run this week that puts paid to the Global Whining Warming. Mainstream media has in the last 15 years or so been very careful to grant full credibility to the global whiners, proclaiming their theories as proven fact.
But this week the Toronto Star ran the obligatory "Spring is finally here" story this week, and nailed global whining on the head with it's opening sentence:

A late burst of temperatures in the double digits may yet save this March from going down as the coldest in more than 40 years, according to Environment Canada's senior climatologist David Phillips.

Michael at the BlueMapleleaf calls global warming "the best excuse the Liberals have for raising taxes."

Politically, the global warming issue is the best excuse the liberals have for raising taxes and continuing to grow this oversized government. $5 billion dollars was earmarked in this year’s federal budget to reduce our CO2 emissions under the Kyoto plan. The federal liberals have absolutely no plan on how that money will be spent. Canadians have been told for years that the next generation of Canadians will bake under a glaring sun if we do not fix global warming."

The Star goes on to point out that while things are finally warming up in Toronto, much of the U.S. is still deep in winter.

In the 1970's Trudeau used multiculturalism to deflect our attention away from the daneguild given to Quebec. Today Global warming is the big multi-purpose boogy-man that the enviromentalists are using to drive their agenda, and beleagered governments can try to use to deflect their citizens attention away from more important issues.

I was just kidding about Dr. Suzuki.

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