Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Post Election thought

The useful idiots are happy today.

Early this morning a young friend of mine was crowing 'yes we can, yes we can, yes we can!' I asked him what, beyond electing Obama, did that mean? The guy could only give me general platitudes about change, but could not tell me what what that would be.

Let the forced-collectivization of America begin.

Thanks to 'Sword at the Ready' for finding the toon. Click it for an explanation of the book Obama is holding.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama's First Four Years

A close friend told me on the weekend that Obama is reminding him more and more of Neville Chamberlain. I've expressed similar thoughts in conversations with others about Obama, and sadly, have had to explain who Neville Chamberlain was. (For those victims of the education system, the guy on the left side of the above photo is Neville Chamberlain.) The legions of hoodwinked voters who will cast for Barrack Obama tomorrow would not do so had not the U.S. education system failed to teach them the lessons of history...
...and those who do not know the errors of history, are doomed to repeat them.

I cannot help but wonder if the socialist educrats who appear to dominate the education system have intended this all along.

I had intended to write a future history about what America might look like after four years of OBAMA Rule -but Ralph Peters at the New York Post has already done so:

Looking back on the four years of his first administration, President Obama can be proud: He made the US welcome among the family of nations again; he reduced our reliance on military force; and he gave us peace by reaching sensible accommodations with our enemies.

The lies told about him in the 2008 election were exposed as sheer bigotry. Far from being "soft on radical Islam," President Obama was the first world leader to welcome Jewish refugees after Iran's nuclear destruction of Israel's major cities (his only caveat - a fair one - was the refusal to accept Zionist military officers and their families, in light of Israel's excessive retaliation).

He also demonstrated his resolve in the face of extremism when he overruled the obstructionist advice of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and ordered our military to cross the border into Pakistan in force. The subsequent debacle, as Pakistan cut off supply routes to Afghanistan and threatened a nuclear response, was entirely the fault of our generals on the ground, not of the administration. Fortunately, President Obama's willingness to talk to our enemies rescued the situation. After laying down their arms, our troops were allowed to evacuate Pakistan and Afghanistan in peace. The Taliban's return to power in Kabul did not...

Please, click the link to read the rest.