Thursday, March 24, 2005

Canada Rejects U.S. Army deserter's Refugee Claim

Aww thank God. Just when I was feeling really cynical about all things to do with Canadian government, this bit of sanity shines through the clouds of dross. No doubt someone from the Liberal Government will notice and quickly sack those responsible.

The Llama in question, 26 year old Deserter Jeremy Hinzmen, a Paratrooper, is a practicing Budhist who says he joined the U.S. Army to get a paid university education in Law or Teaching. He didn't like combat training, and characterizes U.S. combat troops as reflexive killers, "sociopath or psychotic."

Duhhhh. Then he should have joined the Canadian Army. Four more years of Liberal rule and those poor bastards won't even have guns. Have you seen any of the Canadian Forces Recruiting commercials? -no guns. -Okay, if you look really really really really carefully, you can just see some stick-life objects in one or two shots that could be guns... or shovels.

Commenting on the case, Member of Parliament Randy White said Hinzman is a case of someone wanting to "evade prosecution, not persecution."
Hinzman says he thinks the war in Iraq is illegal, and if he has to return to the United States he'll be treated badly because of his views. Officials of the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board disagreed. Hinzmen and his wife, Nga Thi Nguyen, failed to prove they'd face harm, torture, or unusual persecution.

I bet he doesn't eat meat.

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