Monday, March 07, 2005

legalized prostitution #2

A guy walks into a brothel and tells the madam he wants six girls for the evening. The next morning the madam informs the gentleman that there will be no charge. Very happy, he leaves. A few days later he returns, and again tell the madam that he would like six girls for the evening. In the morning the madam presents him with a bill for $1,000. Confused the man asks, ''I don' t understand, on Tuesday it was free.'' ''That's right,'' replies the madam, ''but on Tuesdays we're on cable.''

Last month I brought up this example of the evil combination of Big Government and it’s morally tin ear with legalized prostitution.

This month a few buttheads in the Liberal Party of Canada are trying to get the government to legalize prostitution. It's like their push to legalize marjiuana. They can wiggle and try to justify themselves all they want, but you can’t help but think a few of those moldy ex-hippies in caucus want to be able to toke up now and then. Likewise I think someone on Parliament hill can’t get laid at home, and wants to be able to legally buy it.

I swiped the joke from Roger.


Anonymous said...

Why should either of those things be illegal, just out of curiosity?

Andrew said...

You just get a kick out of provoking a response, -right?

Anonymous said...

No, I'm interested to know if your position is knee-jerk conservatism or has been thought out. Does the question make you uncomfortable?

Anonymous said...

Should have read "his" position. I had perhaps incorrectly assumed that Andrew was the blog's author. My bad.

Hamm172 said...

No, it's me. Typing my name under identity is easier than logging in. My full name is at the bottom of the weblog.