Monday, February 28, 2005

Don't register with the Orlando Sentinel - They're Spammers

Hah! When I sent the email below the recipient's server (chicago tribune) rejected it as SPAM!


Dear Orlando Sentinel

I appreciate the service you provide, making your news articles available online. I registered in order to read your paper.

I do not appreciate receiving spam from advertisers who use your subscriber lists. I know they did, because their email said they had a special offer for subscribers to the Orlando Sentinel.

Our Free Press is part of the system of checks on Big Government that help maintain society's other freedoms. I expected that you, a member of America's media and beneficiary of the right to a free press, would respect my right to privacy and by extension, a SPAM FREE mail box. If the price to read your news articles is that I have to be spammed, you should have said so, and I'd have given you a throw-away email address for your throw-away mail.

Right now you rank down there with the purveyors of penis enlargers.

Andrew (hamm172) Rondeau.


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