Friday, February 25, 2005

A poke in America's eye

A month before budget day, the Canadian media carried stories that implied George Bush was “bullying” Canada into participating in missile defense. It’s clear that Canada’s Prime Minister is taking his foreign policy cues from the peace-loving, anti-american fellow travelers at the CBC.

At a funeral yesterday, I got in an argument with a couple of friends who were against missile defense, but clearly didn’t understand what it was. When I questioned their reasons, they had only the vague notion that missiles and America were bad. It sounded to me like they were listening to the CBC again.

As for Paul Martin and his Government, they sound more and more like French surrender fairies every day. They rule not from principle, but by flapping in whichever wind the Liberal Party strategists think is flying today. And, poking their thumb in America's eye is the current trendy 'in' thing for liberals to do.

After 30 years of Liberal Party fiscal neglect the NYPD has more policemen that the Canadian army has soldiers of any rank. The morons running the show announced in this week's federal budget that the Canadian military's new spending priority will be more TRUCKS. The Defense minister, Pierre Petticoat Pettigrew was on the news yesterday and it was obvious he is one confused Quebecois. I think when the Prime Minister asked him to be Minister of Defense, he thought he said Minister of Sitting on de Fence. He didn't know the difference between being against nuclear proliferation (which most countries are) and missile proliferation (invented on the spot by Pierre Petticoat, who apparently thought it was the same thing).

I'm pissed. Now instead of ABM sites in the high Arctic shooting down incoming missiles over empty wilderness, the ABM sites will have to be placed along the 49th parallel. Any incoming missiles will be shot down over Canada's populated south. Fucking liberals.

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