Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Canada’s Supreme Court in Contempt of Decency?

Friday was a day of absurdities in the newspapers from our rulers in Ottawa. Liberal politicians told the church not to comment on moral issues; Now the Supreme Beings Court has ruled that a man seen masturbating in his picture window, in view of passersby, his neighbors across the street and their kids, did not commit an indecent act in public.

One night 4 years ago, Daryl Clark's neighbors and their children were watching TV when they looked out their darkened window and saw him pleasuring himself in his living room, lights ablaze and curtains wide open.


The court said he was in the privacy of his own home, and didn’t intend to commit a public act.

Well, it was an act all right. But what the hell kind of act was it then?

I guess I’m just not sophisticated enough to understand that bit of legal sophistry.

What a pack of retards.

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