Sunday, February 13, 2005

Canada’s Governing Liberals distorting the truth about pro-family groups

Justice Minister Irwin Cotler wants it both ways. No, he’s not claiming to be bi-sexual, but last week he denounced the Knights of Columbus as a U.S. based group that lacks a Canadian perspective on the homosexual marriage issue. At the same time, he wants the Christian voters who belong to the K of C, or who support Focus on the Family, to ignore their morals, shut up, and stop bothering the government MPs about homosexual marriage.

Both the government’s Cabinet ministers and big media like the Toronto Globe and Mail and the National Post are attempting to paint religious groups like the Knights of Columbus and Focus on the Family Canada as U.S. based groups that have no business commenting on a Canadian issue like the non-democratic ramrodding of homosexual marriage into Canadian law.

There are currently 229 thousand Knights of Columbus members in Canada who last year donated 23 million dollars and 9 million hours of volunteer time to Canadian charities. The first Canadian K of C lodge started in 1897, more than a century ago. Compare that to 38 of the current Members of Parliament (who will be among the elite few permitted to vote on this issue) who were born in foreign countries, and figuratively speaking, became Canadian citizens only yesterday.

I am a K of C member, and part of my family has been in Canada since the 1660's. The other part walked here over the Asian land bridge over 10 thousand years ago. I think as a citizen, me and my organization have the right to comment and lobby our elected officials on any Canadian subject we damn well please.

In a similar way, Focus on the Family Canada (FOTF) was unfairly labeled as an American group that was supposedly spending thousands of dollars to lobby the government. FOTF pointed out Friday, that it’s detractors were lumping in all the money spent on the resources and services for Parents on parenting, and it’s pro-family radio broadcasts.

Canada’s Justice minister is either misinformed, or he wants the Canadian Public to be misinformed. That could make him a liar and a propagandist for the homosexual lobby. If so, is that why the Liberal Caucus trying to demonize us in the press as un-Canadian? Is this an attempt to deny us our freedom of speech, or freedom to participate in the political process by marginalizing us in the eyes of the electorate? Is that Canadian?

This railroading of homosexual marriage into Canadian Society by your government is one more example of the democratic deficit Paul Martin so proudly spoke out against during his leadership campaign. Poll after poll, informal and scientific show most Canadians resent not having a say in this legislation. This legislation is an attempt to re-define a central component of our society, against the will of a majority I believe, and I pray we get to have an election over this issue before too long.

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