Tuesday, February 15, 2005

CBC tells half the story in lesbian wedding case

More fallout from the homosexual marriage battle lines, this time in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is once again only reporting the facts that help drum up sympathy for it's favored causes. Just one more reason why this taxpayer-supported money sucking bureaucracy needs to be cut loose and privatized.

On January 24th a CBC story reported that two women who booked and paid for a Knights of Columbus hall, alledged they were then denied the use of the Hall because it was for a lesbian wedding reception. CBC also made sure to point out that the Lesbian couple had already paid for all the invitations. According to the CBC story, the women claim it's discriminatory to offer a facility to the public and then say a particular group can't use it.

The big meanies. So now the matter is before the unaccountable, quasi-judicial BC Human Rights tribunal, (whose rulings have Never been noted for their impartiality towards Christianity.)

Did the CBC report that the local KofC immediately refunded the Lesbian couple's money?
Did the CBC report that the KofC booked and paid the rent for a different hall for the Lesbian couple?
Did the CBC report that the KofC also paid for printing NEW INVITATIONS for the Lesbian couple?

Why not? The Toronto Globe and Mail got the story right. What's the CBC's problem? Well, for one, it would ruin a good story, that generates sympathy for a political cause the CBC management has no quams using our tax dollars to promote.


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