Wednesday, June 20, 2012

CBC Archives: Edited for Ideological purity?

I was eager to denounce the CBC this morning. I couldn't find a specific podcast in their archives that questioned one of the sacred cows of the Politically Correct and I jumped to the obvious conclusion that it had been deliberately left out or lost. As historical revisionism is one of the identifying characteristics of Political Correctness, and the CBC is nothing if not nauseatingly p-c in the extreme, this was not an absurd conclusion. So I set out to review their archives to prove it and immediately discovered that I'd made a mistake.

The programming item I sought hadn't aired yet.


So without any further need to prove a point, I gave up on wasting any more time reviewing their archives for nefarious activity; that's the sort of thing the Politically Correct do.

Yet I remain dissatisfied with our state broadcaster. It's mandate has been obsolete for decades; it's audience has shrunk to a miniscule percentage of the population; as a taxpayer-funded entity it depresses the economy by leeching advertising dollars away from private broadcasters; and worse,  it uses my tax-dollars to promote a Big-Government tax-and-spend socialist ideology I don't agree with.

That last point is particularly galling.  If the CBC were a private enterprise it should be free to adopt any editorial standpoint the ownership desired. Yet as one of the current owners ( I'm paying for it, so I damn well consider myself an owner) of the CBC I am regularly disappointed with what I get for my money. Clearly the CBC needs new owners.

I were Prime Minister, I'd privatize the CBC with my first breath.

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