Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Education Act an Attack on Parenting

A New Education Act will likely become law this week that STEALS your Parental Right to teach your kids as you see fit, and gives it to the STATE. The Premier, Allison REDford, has tried to say she's not doing that, she's just putting into law a requirement that we teach our kids 'Alberta Values', specifically, the Alberta Human Rights Act.

Why? The Provincial government already sets the curriculum. They don't need a new LAW for that.

Yet by definition, as Albertan parents we pass on to kids our Albertan Values anyway. So why do we need a LAW? We only need a LAW if Premier REDford or some of her bureaucrats have think they know better than YOU which Values are in their view more Albertan than others.
The fact that the Alberta Human Rights act and it's Starchamber Tribunals have been used repeatedly by activists to ruin people's finances and careers was completely glossed over. Rather than tolerance, they seem motivated by a desire to wipe out all opposing viewpoints and punish anyone who dares voice a point of view other than their own.
 But this is not about an anti-gay agenda. Yes, this mostly concerns Homeschoolers, many of whom are Christian. That doesn't necessarily mean anti-gay. It does mean that we're the canary in the coal mine folks. Every new law steals away a little bit more of your freedom. Every time.

We need to call the Premier's office and the Sinister of Education's office TOMORROW to register our opposition to the new Education Act which will most likely become law Monday or Tuesday this week. (The phone numbers are Minister of Education, Mr. Thomas Lukaszuk at 780-427-5010 and then the premier, Allison Redford at 780-427-2251) Call them. You don't have to know what to say, they're just counting calls over there, anyway.
 Link:  Ottawa Citizen   Link:National Post
(Thanks to my friend Paul Nawrocki for the email about this.)

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