Thursday, May 12, 2005

Egg on zee Prime Minister's face?

CAMPGAIN: pre-election campaigning by the governing party at the expense of the taxpayer

The tax-payer funded Liberal pre-election campgain continues. But what is this? Egg on zee Prime Minister's face? zut alors!

After running all over the country these last 2 weeks, announcing pre-election spending plans for billions of dollars the government said it didn't have last month, Paul Martin was finally jerked up short. On Thursday he and hockey has-been Ken Dryden were forced to cancel a planned trip to New Brunswick to announce yet another Federally financed child care deal.

But New Brunswick Premier Bernard Lord says there is no such deal. Yet. The Liberals have promised a 100 million dollars for New Brunswick, and Lord says he'd be happy to accept it once a deal is in place. But since a deal hasn't yet been reached, what is there to sign? A liberal photo op? Take off eh! Go campgain somewhere else!

Hats off to Bernard Lord. Oh, that's right. He's a conservative.

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