Monday, May 30, 2005

What's wrong with our journalists?

What's wrong with our Journalists? Pete Davis has some ideas worth perusing. As a former journalist I've been repeatedly disgusted at the way today's reporters slant their stories to promote their personal beliefs.

In his post, Pete wonders what difference, if any, we'd see in western journalism if the journalists were working for the terrorists in the war on terror.

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Anonymous said...

What you wouldn't see is a weekly news magazine retract a story that was later verified as being true as a result of government pressure.

I noticed all the blog entries detailing how bad Newsweek was for running that story. I'm anxiously awaiting the entries that detail the abuse that was verified, by the US government itself.

Here, I'll even get you started:,6903,1499539,00.html

Or here:

Try this one too, the Gawker. Sounds like a respectable news source, but they hit it right on the head: