Thursday, May 12, 2005

Milk Opponent's secret Agenda

Have you heard that Milk is good for baby calves, but bad for your kids? That children don't actually need extra calcium? A March 2005 study in "Pediatrics" claims that there is little evidence that children benefit from increased consumption of milk or dairy products.

It's a very impressive looking document. But according to John Luik, of Western Standard Magazine, the report's authors are closely associated with PETA and other like-minded activist groups. One co-author, Dr. Neal Barnard, is president of the PETA foundation. ...and no, according to Luik, he's not an MD, he's a non-practising psychiatrist, and pro-vegan activist.

Mothers, don't stop giving milk and cheese to your kids yet. The Western Standard article, "GOT FACTS?" isn't available online yet, it's in the current May 30th 2005 issue.

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