Thursday, May 12, 2005

Quick! Change the Subject!!

It's time for an election. Now. Yet Canada's Liberal apologists are still frantically trying to divert the public's attention away from Tuesday's non-confidence vote. Again.

One example: personality Chuck Adler on the Corus radio Network's western Canadian midday talk show spent most of his afternoon loudly proclaiming his outrage that Conservative leader Stephen Harper accused the Prime Minister of wanting two cancer-stricken conservative MPs to die. But the public wasn't buying it. Adler was slapped in the face by caller after caller who told him he was out of touch, missing the boat, and a liberal spin-doctor.

Adler's response was to accuse his callers of being poorly informed. That's usually what liberals do when cornered. Accuse their opponent's of being stupid or not having all the facts.

Way to go, Chuck. You're erudite as hell, and like all liberals, think if we unwashed masses were as knowlegable as you, we'd think the same way too.

Yesterday's Liberal Sta- I mean, Toronto Star claimed Harper had sunk to a new low, and was guilty of 'shabby' behavior. The Globe and Mail contrived to tell us that this was like when, during the last election, "Conservatives accused the Prime minister of supporting Child Pornography." The CTV mentioned the vote, and devoted an entire story to how despicable the Conservatives were and how they sunk to a new low.

It's time for an election, now. Yet they're all either missing the issue, or trying to create new ones. Why haven't the MSM outlets noticed that the Prime Minister lied when he claimed that a vote on a motion is a non-confidence vote only if the Government says it is? Canadian Parliamentary procedure also allows for non-confidence motions if the motion itself states that it is a non-confidence motion. Why are they letting themselves be conned into giving the Liberals a free ride around the daily revelations from the Gomry inquiry?

I'm also getting sick of Liberal accusations that the Conservatives are cheating Canadians by demanding an untimely election, and preventing the Governing Liberals from doing their jobs. Yet the Liberals didn't seem to care about such twaddle back in 1979 when they quickly voted to defeat the short-lived Conservative minority government.

Conservative MPs Dave Chatters and Darrel Stinson don't know if they can be in the House later in the month for the Paul Martin scheduled budget vote. Stinson has an operation coming up, and Chatters, whose cancer is terminal, is in Ottawa against the advice of his oncologist. I think it's perfectly fair to wonder if Paul Martin and his Liberals are hoping to make delays work to their own favor.

Earlier in this post, I said: Again. The last election campaign should have been about the screwing Canadians got from two-terms of corrupt Liberal governance. Instead the media dwelled on false accusations that the Tories would dismantle health care and the social safety net. Talk about clueless.... or willing accomplices.

Update: March 22, 2012,
Funny how your perception of people change the longer you know them.  I was pretty hard on Charles Adler here and in other posts from this time-period, but either he's gotten smarter since then or I've gotten broader-minded, but I've come to appreciate Adler's efforts more and more of late. (self-depreciating chuckle) 

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