Monday, May 16, 2005

Liberal Bribery continues

The pre-election Liberal Campgain continues... News reports abound today of a new $99 MILLION dollar childcare bribe for Newfoundland & Labrador, and a $137 MILLION dollar bribe for the childcare industry in Nova Scotia.

Canada's MSM has dissapointed me deeply, by it's willingness to be co-opted by Mr. Martin's campgain program. I've read damn little criticism of his present attempt to propt up his dying government with this spending spree.

Is it a bribe or isn't it? Like the other announcments since the April 22nd budget rewrite by Socialist leader Jake Layton (his price for supporting the Paul Martin Liberals) these announcements are all contingent on Paul Martin's budget passing. -the vote, that is. This latest attempt to bribe the nation puts Nfld and Nova Scotia in 5th place and 3rd place behind Ontario and Quebec.

1) $534 Million - ONTARIO
2) $335 Million - QUEBEC
3) $137 Million - NOVA SCOTIA
4) $123 Million - P.E.I.
6) $36 Million - MANITOBA
7) $3 Million - ALBERTA
8) $3 Million - NEW BRUNSWICK
9) $2.5 Million - SASKATCHEWAN
source: Globe & Mail/Western Standard

The weekend passed with Mr. Martin refusing to heed Opposition leader Stephen Harper's calls to step down, after losing a non-confidence motion last tuesday. The Liberals also failed to prevent Conservative/Bloc motions closing Parliament on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. If your minority government doesn't have enough votes to control Parliament, it's called a what?

A defeat.

By refusing to disolve Parliament and calling an election last week, Paul Martin has placed Canada right up there with those bush-league African democracies like Zimbabwe.

Hopefully the voters can recognize Paul Martin's actions for what they are.


Tommy Steele said...

Actually, this weekend the conservatives conceeded that the past vote what was not sufficient to force an election and would wait for the vote on the budget. Further, failing to win that, the conservatives would cease the call for an election. It's too bad conservative supporters like yourself can't see what their own party recognizes.

Andy said...

Tommy, that Harper conceded it or not, doesn't change the parliamentary precedents.