Thursday, January 26, 2006

American comments...

...on the Canadian Election.

You can tell Cox and Forkum's works are among my favorite ever. Hit this link and vote for them too!

Rob B in Texas had a few comments that cracked me up. I had to pass them along. He blogs with 3 other guys at

"With Canadians voting yesterday, the word has come down that the Conservitive party within Canada has scored big. Now, I honestly admit that I don't follow Canadian politics, except thier Gun Contol issue, but that won't keep me from commenting.

Now that you have come over to the dark side of the force let me tell you what great things a conservative government will mean for you:

1. Don Cherry will wear a plaid tie.
2. You still get to bitch about America
3. Your beer will magically stay one degree cooler
4. Gas pipelines will magically be a little quieter.
5. Micheal Moore will bitch about you and you get to call him a fat tub of crap just like us, but with a french accent.
6. The Canadian Olympic hockey team will have 2 less sticks break during games.
7. Zamboni shares up +0.03%
8. The drug tunnels across our borders will get lights and and rails
9. You get to send your top 10 unruly Muslims to camp X-ray for a one month free stay to convince them that they don't have it so bad.
10. an extra 5% off for seniors on T-Bone night at the Golden Corral or Sizzler of your choosing.

All of that just by changing Alignment. Or at least that's what it says in my political D&D handbook....

BTW, tell Stepehn Harper that as a "Ranger" he can go dual class and tell him to search for treasure because in that office is a "+12 tie of Backbone" but it was lost some time before Jean Chretien took office.

Good luck!"

Love the D&D joik.

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