Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Good Riddance ya Bums!

Crow Crow Crow! It was an almost perfect evening. After twelve years of abuse by a political party who's core belief is "Say anything to stay in power," Canada finally gets a government that will try to do the right thing. I say try, because there's going to be mistakes, and if you think our Liberal-appointed bureaucracy, Liberal-appointed Supreme Court, and Lefty-Liberal media are going be anything but sullenly uncooperative (and probably downright obstructive) you're an idiot. Such is life.

The Liberals are out, their token Albertan, Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan lost her seat, former Prime Minister Paul Martin is resigning, and unconvicted jewel thief Svend Robinson (who proved you can steal more than just taxpayer's money with virtual impunity if you're a gay Member of Parliament) failed in his bid to con the people of Vancouver into re-electing him.

So what's going to happen? My wet dream is the Liberals pick a rich, insulated, upper-class non-representative Canadian to replace the rich, insulated, upper-class Canadian who's on his way out. Someone like, (snicker) Belinda Stronach. The only better (as in more politically crippling) choice would be an insulated, broke-minded and envious ivory-tower academic.

A minority government was obviously not the best result possible. I was originally worried that the Liberals would not hesitate to take every opportunity they could to topple a conservative minority government. That's their track record in the past, and it made Liberal criticism of Steven Harper's conservatives for forcing an election last fall ring particularly hollow.
But now that the Liberals are going to be tearing themselves to pieces in anticipation of a leadership race, and the other lefty parties are too tiny to interfere, maybe the Conservatives will be able to accomplish a few constructive things.
Hopefully Steven Harper gets the chance to do so before the rotters in the national media start their attacks... Naw, I bet he doesn't even get 24 hours.

( filibuster cartoon at the top is at http://www.filibustercartoons.com/archive.php?id=20060118 )

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