Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Lefty CBC can't resist spinning Election results

By 9am the day after the election Canada's tax-funded, largely self appointed purveyors of all things "sophisticated-Canadian" were spinning the election results. Yes, Conservatives won, but
their support was mostly in the (ignorant) rural regions. The spin is that if you check voting patterns in Canada's "Important" ridings (implied), the Urban centres of Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto, socialist Liberal and NDP voters were 70% of the vote.

...and by implication, the Conservatives therefore don't have a legitimate mandate to rule.

I've been listening to CBC Radio coverage of the election campaigns all along, and the worldview of their reporters and announcers are, from the newsroom to their current affairs show "As it Happens," blatantly pro-socialist/anti-conservative.

I don't object to their having a point of view. That's human nature. It's their pretense of objectivity, and the fact that they actually appear to believe they're being fair and balanced that irks me.

That, and the fact that despite their being ignored by nearly 93% of the population, they get to waste nearly a billion taxpayer dollars every year to do so.


batboy said...


I am sick and tired of the CBC, Where could I find the Budget? and where does all that public money go to? Having to watch the Main network, is really not and option There is nothing but re runs of RED GREEN,this hour has 22 MIN, movies from the 1930 to the 1940 and so on day after day, interuped only by endless comericals.
Night time, ZED has anyone watched this crap, How much does this so called programing it cost the CBC


hardcorejimi said...

please take a look at Canadian Cartoon Politics for added commentary to the Lefty Way.