Monday, January 16, 2006

More desperate BS from Liberals

Bad enough the Libs have been lying about the Conservatives all through the campaign, they've apparently sent a fake email to Conservative supporters purporting to be authored by Party President Don Plett.
The first I heard of it was thismorning, in an email from Conservative Party Campaign chair Doug Finley:

January 16th, 2006

Dear friend,

In the last day or two, you may have seen an e-mail message purporting to come from Conservative Party President Don Plett. This message is bogus; Mr. Plett did not send out anything of the sort. Radio CKNW in Vancouver has traced this e-mail to a server in St. Petersburg, Russia, and behind that to a Liberal-friendly source in Toronto.

In the final week of the campaign, our increasingly desperate opponents are likely to resort to more of these manoeuvres. Please keep that in mind if you receive e-mail that claims to be from a Conservative source but doesn?t match your understanding of our party?s policy.

Hold the course and don?t get rattled by our opponents? dirty tricks! Just one week to go till election day.


Doug Finley
Campaign Manager

I wish I'd gotten the damned thing, but my computer was down last week, after falling victim to the windows wmf hack. I'd returned from a business trip Thursday to discover my machine had been spamming all day Wednesday.

ROTFL! Liberals?

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Canadian Election Tracker said...

It's getting too late for the Liberals to effectively try to use the "Hidden Agenda" scare tactic as they did last time. Reasons outlined here:

Hidden Agenda A Non-Factor