Monday, September 15, 2008

Large Hadron Collider - webcam

(Photo of the LHC during construction.)

Too much bs has been written by the world's luddites and chicken littles about CERN labs large hadron collider. It makes for a cool photo and smashing "the world's going to end" headlines but really, it's just another big cyclotron where they're smashing protons. Scientists are hoping for insight into our universe's conditions just after the Big Bang, but there's no shortage of alarmists out there trying to claim it'll create a black hole, and suck up the world.

Well the thing's been powered up and they've been running tests since the 10th of September. We're still here. A word of thanks to Dr. Jerry Pournelle for the link to the webcam at the LHC, you can even watch the ongoing tests for yourself.

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