Monday, September 29, 2008

Note to Olympic committee: Go Fuck Yourself

Ya, I couldn't believe it either.

The Olympic committee for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics has trademarked part of the Canadian National Anthem, because according to chairman John Furlong, the phrase, "...with glowing hearts..." "...embodies the emotions every athlete will feel — no matter where they are from or what flag they stand under — when they have the honour to represent their own country on the world's grandest international stage in 2010,"

My National Anthem? Doesn't that belong to the whole country? What's next, trademarking snow???

Yo John. Fuck right off.

The National Anthem is over 100 years old and in public domain. This socialist dirtbag had the nerve to suggest it was ok, the VNOC had no intention of charging hockey fans with copywrite infringement for singing the National Anthem. Meanwhile they have already sued many Vancouver area businesses for using the word OLYMPIC.

Hmmm. The Olympic games are over 100 years old too. The concept of an Olympic Games is thousands of years old. Does that put them in the public domain too??

Hey y'all. I'm thinking of changing my blog's name to 'The With Glowing Hearts OLYMPIC blog.' Whatcha think?

Naw. Too gay.

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