Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lying Pinko fails to frame police officer

Score one for the good guys. The Denver DA has decided not to charge a Denver police officer after code pink activist Alicia Forrest complained about police brutality outside the DNC convention last August. I'd seen the internet video and read the arguments. It looked bad, but other journalists present at the event say the videographer and Rocky Mountain News (the publisher of the video) cut the imagery in a deliberate manner to make the police look bad. (click here to read the background which the media left out)

Did you read that last link? Did You? Read it dammit.

Having worked as a reporter, and trained as a cameraman, it's clear to me the videographer was standing next to that Forrest woman while she attempted to taunt and provoke the police. He only turned when the officer raised his voice and shoved her back. I won't suggest it was deliberate, but they deliberately cut from the published video the scenes where Forrest got up, said she was ok, and then went back to taunting the police.

It was an emotionally charged event, this cow was taunting the officers, used the F-word, and she grabbed the Police Officer's baton. Uh-Uhh, you never, ever, grab a Police officer's baton; that's like grabbing at his gun.

She should have been charged with more than just interfering in a lawful arrest. Think about the wasted time, taxpayer's dollars, and emotional distress this code pinko cow cost the state and the police officer involved. I've seen many outraged responses on the net in regards to this news item, but all pretty well assumed that this Forrest woman had a perfect right to grab the Officer's Baton and repeatedly ignore lawful requests to move back.

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