Monday, May 26, 2008

Something's Wrong Here

I don't know how to state it more clearly. If you're going to emigrate to the Western nations leave your historic ethnic animosities in the old country. Otherwise be prepared for an anti-immigrant backlash.

Somebody organized about 20 dickheads to go into the Ankara cafe here in Edmonton yesterday and break up the joint, beating patrons with clubs, knives and stones.

According to the news story angry Kurdish Turks in the area were quick to blame the violence on ethnic tensions with their fellow Turkish immigrants who oppose Kurdish independence from Turkey. But the Cafe's owner says the fight began earlier in the day, when two of the cafe's patrons got into a heated argument. One of the arguers went and called a bunch of friends to help him win the argument.

Regardless, It's the kind of shit you hear about that happens elsewhere, like France.

I've said before I don't have a problem with immigration. Our nation was built by immigrants. But for most of our history immigration meant that the people who came here adopted the ways and mores of their new culture. They tried to fit in. Those with the inclination were free to honor their cultural traditions at home, but they sure as hell didn't try to force the rest of the country to change to accommodate them.

I really don't give a damn about multiculturalism or showing tolerance for other people's way of life it it means changing my culture's way of life. It may be considered normal in Turkey to punctuate an argument in a cafe with 20 armed men, but I hope and pray it will never be considered appropriate here. The Middle East is a hell-hole of ethnic and religious violence and turmoil. If we're going to continue to allow people who want to flee it to come live here, we'd better start doing to better job of telling them to check their baggage at the border.

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