Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth day again, blech.

That's right. Humbug. Please don't misunderstand me, I believe polluting the enviroment is bad, but that is not what earth day is about anymore.

This preoccupation with 'saving the earth' is just so much bs. Our 'leaders' see it as an apple pie issue with which to distract the masses; the Suzuki's of our society see it as a gateway to vast amounts of government grant money to 'study' the issue; and much of the enviromental movement seems to be a front for both those who think humanity is a destructive virus on the planet earth, and those who think it's a perfect way to force the the re-distribution of wealth and the dismantling of our economy.

This is a picture of my pickup truck, two days ago. It's got a V8. Yesterday I saw my first Robin of the spring, and it's still snowing. Ain't global warming a bitch? Too bad though, as there are records from history to prove that prior to the little ice age of the 1500s there was a warming period where world temperatures rose way above their current levels. Far from a period of doom and drought, it was a time of enhanced rainfall and long lush crop growing seasons. (I've posted links before, and I only have a few minutes to write this) So, this earth day I'm praying for global warming.

That's all, gotta run. I'm going outside to drive around in my truck and do my part for climate change.

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