Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Conservatives Win Election - Media spins it as a Loss.

The Canadian election is over, and despite a largely hostile midstream media, the Stephen Harper Conservatives have won the election with a larger minority than they had last time. The Liberals lost over 20 seats and the Socialist New Democrats only gained a couple. We saw through the fuddle duddle of the Liberals"Green Shift" Carbon tax. The voters didn't shift to the Left either, as Jack Layton failed miserably in his hope to make up the new official opposition. Clearly the largest shift among the voters was to the right.

It was a hostile media, and last nights election coverage was no different. As I was traveling after the polls closed, I had to switch between a Chorus talk-Radio station and CBC Radio One. Commentators on both stations immediately seized the opportunity to interpret the results as a Conservative Party loss, because they were about 12 seats short of a majority Parliament.

I don't give a crap if the commentators on Chorus or any privately owned radio station were blatant in their biases, but still angers me that my taxes support the largely Left-of-Lenin CBC. Through out the campaign CBC radio's news reports characterized Prime Minister Harper as 'tired' or harried, while lavishly devoting airtime and (implied) praise for Jack Layton's New Democrats, and to a lesser extent, the Liberals and the Green Party.

I'm just glad it's over. Certainly Stephan Dion must be too. The video below has nothing to do with the election. Maybe next time, instead of an election we could just sign up the party leaders as contestants on this game show from Japan. I'd pay to see that...

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