Monday, December 22, 2008

Your Chance to Tell the Gov't What to do

Finance minister Jim Flaherty is asking Canadians what they'd like to see in the new budget the Conservative government will bring down at the end of January. He's had a web-based survey placed on the Finance Canada website.

The Government actually asking Canadians what they want?

After I got over my shock, and initial impulse to suggest they engage in an anatomical impossibility, I took full advantage of this opportunity to present the "Off the top of his head, Hamm172 economic recovery plan."

  • instead of giving billions to the unrepentant automotive manufacturers and their unions to continue to squander in unprofitable activities I suggested a 100% tax credit for Canadians and businesses who make capital purchases of items partially or wholly manufactured in Canada.
  • That led me to then suggest a complete dropping of the 5 year depreciation rules and allow for businesses to write off capital purchases in the year of the purchase, like many other countries that we compete with do.
  • Divert the Billion dollars a year we annually piss down the CBC's drain to economic stimulus (like futher tax relief) and raise some more dough by selling off the CBC.
  • Cut the GST to 0%.
  • Fire all the civil servants in Indian Affairs (or whatever they call that dept. nowadays) and just divide the tax money squandered on their salaries and benefits (9 billion including money actually supposed to go to the first nations people) amongst the first nations people directly, without the gov't middlemen... Aboriginal Canadians are just like everyone else, they'll spend most of it in the economy just like you would.
Whups, battery on laptop dying. Quick get the the website and put in your two bits too!!!!

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