Sunday, March 12, 2006

Global Warming BS

Good One Jerry!

Dr. Jerry Pournelle lays one on Scientific American and their chicken little adoption of the so called global warming crisis.

But his assertion that human-caused man made warning is overwhelmingly proved is just silly: the theory is overwhelming. The evidence remains much harder to come by. Rennie seems to be saying that anyone who disagrees with this is an idiot not worth listening to, then blames me for being confrontational; and I had not noticed that Scientific American leaped to the defense of the hapless Danish statistician who questioned many of the Global Warming Coalition's conclusions, either with specific data refuting him, or at least defending his right to publish.

I fear that most of the Global Warming arguments consist of proof by repeated assertion (not assertion of data or facts, but assertion of conclusions relying on the argument that "this has been proved so often we don't need to do it again." Which is a bit like your spouse's "You know what I mean."); followed by an attack on the qualifications of those asking questions.

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