Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Liberal Party Priorities - frickin loons

Why the heck did this surprise me?

In their 2004 budget, the former Liberal Government finally admitted The Canadian military needed new Transport aircraft to replace their aging air-fleet, most of which are far older than their current pilots, (the Liberal's parsimonious attitude towards all things military is legendary).
Today the Globe and Mail reported that the DND had narrowed the hunt for a new Search and Rescue aircraft down to only one bid, the Italian-built C-27J.

The reason given? There were several, but I thought the best was that it was the only bid that met the military's requirements...

...and According to Liberal Defense Critic Ujjal Dosanjh, that's a bad thing.
The quote is: "...sacrificing “civilian oversight” by moving on the purchases that are being largely influenced by the tight requirements of the Canadian Forces."

I'll bet that translates into, "Don't buy unless We can Build the Planes with Bombarier In Quebec." In other words, he's upset that 3 billion dollars are being spent without the appropriate consideration of the Liberal Party's Political concerns, and that making a decision to buy military aircraft primarily based on the military's needs is bad.

What kind of dumb shit is this guy, anyway? Thank God he's not the Minister of Defense.

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