Thursday, July 05, 2007

safety nazis strike again - ban ice cream trucks

There was a time when Canada earned the respect of other nations through the deeds of her citizens. Rugged, tough-minded pioneers carved their farms, homes and lives out of a vast wilderness, often with no one to rely on but themselves.

Contrast that with the recent Canadian copy of the American tv show ‘Survivor.’ "Pioneer," it was called or some other such name, where our intrepid Canuck contestants were dropped off in the wilds of Manitoba to live like our homesteading forefathers of the 18th and 19th centuries. Most people don’t even remember it. I watched a little of that forgettable show, and the single strongest image I took from it was of one contestant sitting on the ground in utter exhaustion, sobbing, “I can’t do this anymore...”

It was a great moment in Canadian television they tell me. Bah!

Today’s Toronto Globe and Mail had a front page story about a Squamish Nation mother on Vancouver Island, upset with her family and community’s losing struggle with obesity and diabetes has chosen to fight in what is now, sadly, the Canadian way: try to use the Government to fix it. Doris Paul has managed to get three communities on Vancouver Island’s North shore to ban ice cream trucks, (apparently because people can't be trusted to eat icecream in moderation on the streets.) Why is it that more and more Canucks think it’s the Government’s job to fix society? (I'll give Doris Paul credit for changing her family's diet, but why oh why does she feel the compulsion to impose her foodnazi-view on others????)

Here’s some more examples:

· In 1987 I served on the traffic safety committee of the city of Fort St. John, B.C.. There, the poor, deluded, NDP-voting parents of that city had managed to get most of the residential streets declared playground zones. When I was a child, my parents taught me not to play in the street. What the f*ck is wrong with parents in Fort St. John?

· I now live in a community of 3,500 people just past the Edmonton city limits. In communities all across this nation people safely drive 50 kph (30 mph) in residential areas. Except here, where nervous parents have lowered the speed limit to 40kph.

· As more and more city people move into rural subdivisions, you begin to see more and more go-slow zones on highways in the middle of nowhere. Near here, is a two mile stretch of rural highway in Parkland county that has a 80kph speed limit because of nearby nervous parents in a subdivision a quarter of a mile off the highway. (link is to a map)

For pete’s sake, whatever happened to teaching your kids to stay the hell off the road? No, their first reaction is to demand a Government fix. Not only do Government fixes cost taxpayers money, but they tend to impose greater and greater interferences in our lives.

Not that Doris Paul probably cares about the tax thing, I'll bet she doesn't pay taxes anyway.
Doris Paul, you're a wanker.

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